President Obama Actually “Demands Kiss” From Citizen and It Was Covered Positively

17 Comments on President Obama Actually “Demands Kiss” From Citizen and It Was Covered Positively

  1. Nothing wrong there. Good natured fun. (Used to be.)
    I wonder how lyin’ Brian would have reported the scene if it was President Trump?

  2. A missed opportunity. Why not ask Obama if he thinks he’s going to get away with spying on the Trump campaign? I’d also like hear in his words why he worked so hard to destroy our county. By the way, did you see the stock market today Obama?

  3. Talk about a citizen kissing the government’s ass and there’s the video right there to prove it.

  4. Obama’s reaction wasn’t “presidential” and it was a thin-skinned response to a lighthearted joke.
    The “brother” put the self appointed king Barry on the spot who had to prove he would consider kissing the girlfriend instead of daydreaming about Reggie.

  5. Yeah, and Trump gives an air kiss to a campaign volunteer, in front of 13 people, she giggles and keeps talking to him, and suddenly, she wants to sue him. LOL.

    Meanwhile, 0bama SAID he was gonna kiss that chick, and did it. And probably looked at her vote ticket as he did it.

    Neither one is lawsuit worthy, but if we’re gonna go with the creep factor, 0bama wins that. Mainly because the chick’s boyfriend was standing there. Had he just been some other black dude, 0bama would’ve gotten his ass kicked. And he knows it. LOL

  6. Obola ~ “I was mortified”…

    Three words you’re never gonna hear come from the mouth of President Trump!

  7. “No bias in the ‘news’ coverage whatsoever. Haven’t we made that abundantly clear?”
    —your domestic enemies @ ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, UPI, Reuters, FOX, RT, BBC, AlJazeera, etc. etc

  8. Poor girl was told to kiss a prick in public.

    Does anyone remember how “friendly” he was with Bowe Bergdahl’s mom at the white house? He couldn’t keep his hands off her.

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