President of the Ashes

Patriot Retort: Over the last few weeks I went back and watched the series Game of Thrones again. And this time around a line popped out at me. When her advisors remind her that she could easily defeat Queen Cercei because she has three dragons, Daenerys Targaryn tells them that she doesn’t want to be Queen of the Ashes. She doesn’t want to utterly burn Kings Landing to the ground just to rule. She wanted to “break the wheel” and free the people of Westeros.

This time when I heard the line, Joe Biden and the Democrats popped into my head. For all Biden’s talk about bringing the country together and “unity,” the fact is, he’s becoming President of the Ashes – willing to burn everything to the ground just to maintain Democrat power.

It didn’t take long for Joe to go from “Restore the Soul of the Nation” to “Burn this mother down,” did it?

And the thing is, Americans are beginning to realize they didn’t get President Unity after all. Instead, they got President of the Ashes.

Today, ABC News reported that Americans’ optimism about the direction of the country has dropped twenty points just since April. more here

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  1. Democrats have always seemed to have a “my way” or “we’ll scuttle” the ship mentality.

    It’s why they are associated with BLM, Antifa, the January 6th antics, CRT, stolen elections, and Nancy Pelosi. Like a split child if they can’t have it then nobody can.

  2. The democraps certainly have spilt the beans on their true intentions of totally destroying this magnificent God blessed nation as it was originally founded. They have screwed the pooch and overstepped their bounds and many, many more good American people of all kinds are beginning to see the results and fruits of their destruction. And the lying mainscream media and its sycophants can’t hide it any more. “Were mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore.”

  3. And they wonder why all the flies have surrounded both barry and joey. Flies are attracted by garbage and shit and both of these ass clowns are up to the top of their evil heads in it.

  4. It is not just democrats. The republican party always takes the side of the gov’t that the democrats run.

    In any dispute between gov’t tyranny and conservatives, the republican party politicians take the side of gov’t.

    They investigated trump for two years and didn’t investigate biden for a minute.
    They cajole you to take a deadly vaccine and claim you are the problem if you don’t.
    They went along with the massive fraud of the pcr tests and never said a word about it. The fraud that was used to lock down the country and destroy countless lives.

    Anyone who takes a gov’t check is your enemy.

  5. Every one of those cocksuckers in DC knows the end is near, they’re going to plunder and steal as much as they can before things go sideways.

  6. “Better to Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven”
    Paradise Lost

    The plan of almost all politicians

  7. This to the Pedo and masters.

    ” “Yes, we will have peace,” he said now in a clear voice, “we will have peace, when you and all your works have perished–and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us. You are a liar, Saruman, and a corrupter a men’s hearts. You hold out your hand it to me, and I perceive only a finger of the claw of Mordor. Cruel and cold! Even if your war on me was just–as it was not, for were you ten times as wise you would have no right to rule me and mine for your own profit as you desired–even so, what will you say of your torches in Westfold and the children that lie dead there? And they hewed Háma’s body before the gates of the Hornburg, after he was dead. When you hang from a gibbet at your window for the sport of your own crows, I will have peace with you and Orthanic. So much for the house of Eorl. A lesser son of great sires am I, but I do not need to lick your fingers. Turn elsewhither. But I fear your voice has lost its charm.”
    -JRR Tolkien,”The Return of the King”

  8. …this fits too…

    “‘I did not,’ said Frodo. ‘But I might have guessed. A little mischief in a mean way: Gandalf warned me that you were still capable of it.’

    ‘Quite capable,’ said Saruman, ‘ and more than a little. You made me laugh, you hobbit-lordlings, riding along with all those great people, so secure and so pleased with your little selves. You thought you had done very well out of it all, and could not just amble back and have a quiet time in the country. Saruman’s home cold be all wrecked, and he could be turned out, but no one could touch yours. Oh no! Gandalf would look after your affairs.”

    Saruman laughed again. ‘Not he! When his tools have done their task he drops them. But you must go dangling after him, dawdling and talking, and riding round twice as far as you needed. “Well,” thought I, “if they’re such fools, I will get ahead of them and teach them a lesson. One ill turn deserves another.” It would have been a sharper lesson, if only you had given me a little more time and more Men. Still I have done much that you will find it hard to mend or undo in your lives. And it will be pleasant to think of that and set it against my injuries.”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Return of the King”

  9. geoff the aardvark
    JULY 27, 2021 AT 9:06 AM
    “I still like Fear the Reaper by BOC”

    ….its DON’T fear the Reaper, and while it ALMOST has enough cowbell, its more of a personal experience in the song, and we can’t ALL be Mary out for a fly with the Reaper…

  10. Except they don’t intend to destroy the nation, just kill deplorables.
    Too bad about the collateral damage.
    Looking more & more like Agenda 21 depopulation scam.
    What’s REALLY in your vaccine?

  11. Whoever is really running Biden will not be held responsible for anything, it will all reflect mostly on Biden. They can do whatever
    they want, and are doing so.


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