Clay Travis torches Texas Democrats ‘begging’ for care packages

Radio host slams Texas Democrats who are requesting supplies after fleeing their state on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

9 Comments on Clay Travis torches Texas Democrats ‘begging’ for care packages

  1. The only thing they should be getting is extradition papers back to Texas to be arrested and tried.

  2. They need to send me a care package:
    1. All Constitutional rights restored
    2. Election 2020 overturned

    Then we can talk about who needs to go to jail!

  3. They are like Canadian (and all politicians) they did not miss one paycheck as they most likely claimed new types of office expenses as a result of the Covid regulations they love so much. Things like new computers as they passed off the old ones to their kids etc.

    Absolute fucking pigs.

  4. Are these Democrats unable to shop for themselves? Probably not, it is just so much easier to live off of other people’s money.My dear, sainted grandfather would have called them shameless.

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