Soros funded Replace-the-police plan pushed onto ‘Murderapolis’ ballot as violent crime soars

World Tribune: Minneapolis residents in November will vote on whether to replace the city’s current police force with a “public safety department” which would be focused on a “comprehensive public safety approach” that would include police officers “if necessary to fulfill the department’s responsibilities.”

The initiative, which was approved for the ballot via a 12-1 vote by the Minneapolis City Council on Friday, was pushed by a new political action committee that is fully funded by leftist billionaire George Soros, a report said.

The group Yes 4 Minneapolis gathered 20,000 petition signatures to place a question on the ballot to amend the city’s charter and to replace the police department. Citing campaign finance documents, the Minnesota Reformer reported the group is fueled by a single $500,000 donation from Soros’s Open Society Policy Center.

10 Comments on Soros funded Replace-the-police plan pushed onto ‘Murderapolis’ ballot as violent crime soars

  1. Honestly friends, I hope the average jackass can get the heck out and vote as many Demos out as possible in the next mid-term.

    If they can’t see the direct correlation between Demo policy & horrific unrest then it is over. Rome took 400 years but that was before the digital age. Shit moves faster now.

    Don’t look up here, we still have not solved the 1800’s with Quebec and the Natives.

  2. Soros and his democrat party accomplices fiends want the American citizenry completely powerless and at their mercy, just as was seen with their forced house imprisonments, a bogus pandemic, and an false vaxx not to mention widespread food shortages and high-price gasoline which equates to no escape.

  3. Even when republicants have been in power nothing has changed for the better. The elite, ivy league “ruling class”,better known as our “representatives” are (the vast majority) only in it for the money and power. The only way to change our current and long running debacle is to clear the slate, nail some heads to the table and educate the citizenry in civics and the constitution….. or of course there is the meteor option but we’ll have to leave that one up to God. Pray and become active.


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