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President Spaz Falls Off His Bike in Front of The Press

Yeah, I know, “Spaz” is supposed to be the new N-word, but how else do you describe a person who so often finds himself on the ground unintentionally? Here

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  1. Tomorrow they’ll have some training wheel duct taped on that thing.

    SPAZ, LOL. I haven’t heard that one in a while.

  2. Wild Bill
    JUNE 18, 2022 AT 1:15 PM
    “What a shame he’s wearing a helmet.”

    …ain’t nothing important in there anyway. Filled with shit and hate from what I’ve seen, and nothing else at all.

    Never shoot a Democrat in the head

    It’s not the end they think with.

  3. Remember when they ragged on President Trump for being careful walking down a slippery ramp? I bet this won’t be covered at all by the lamestream media.

  4. General Malaise
    JUNE 18, 2022 AT 1:37 PM
    “Joe fell off his horse long ago.”

    …but someone keeps propping him up on his HIGH horse because he sure does spend a LOT of time angrily yelling at us from it…

  5. Brandon seems to have muscle and nerve control issues in his legs. He needs a Rollator with a seat and storage for disposable undergarments. For every ones safety, lock the bicycle up in the shed.

  6. Do you suppose all those taxpayer funded idiots following Crazy Joe were armed with deadly and scary looking weapons! Hmmmmmm,

  7. @Jethro Exactly! Those toe clips are a pain in the butt. I used to do a lot of biking with Mr. Illustr8r and I hated those d*mn things. I’ve had a few close calls. Screw the fancy biking shoes etc…if I need to put my foot down-I need to put my foot down!

  8. If he was trying to pedal backwards, I would believe it.

    If he fell head-first on a concrete sidewalk from his bike, the concrete would crack.

  9. Give the guy a break.

    He probably has not had his pudding or nap yet. The WH staff says that once he’s done that he’ll be able to do headstands on a unicycle on the Beltway during the rush hour.

  10. Remember when Carter nearly collapsed during a jog? I recall how upset the media were in that it sent a message to the world that our president may not be healthy. No such concern will be uttered today

  11. “Like riding a bike” used to indicate something done for so long you’d never forget it.
    Guess there’s another example of bastardized English.

  12. Why didn’t he lean left where his foot was already in contact with terra firma? Dumb sumbich always leans left, why not this time?

  13. He saw that little cute girl and couldn’t control himself. His hoof got caught in the pedal strap and he took a dump. He did get to hug the little girl. Looked like Mom was more than willing to give her kid over to Joe to have him sniff her hair. and Mom and her daughter

    Here is really how it went down:

  14. Putin & the fat kid in North Korea on a Zoom call with each other, giggling like schoolgirls when they see the husk falling off his bike. Chairman Xi joins them & says, “We go soon”!

  15. Come on man, who hasn’t had that happen to them?
    Oh, I remember, I was five.
    It was a set up to make him look like he’s in good shape.

  16. Surprised he still remembers how to ride a bicycle. Curious, why did Dr. Jill take a detour? Her role as Demwit Joe’s main saboteur seems to be very obvious lately.


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