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President Trump Calls Joe’s Golf Bluff

Red State

The people handling Joe Biden’s messaging responded to Donald Trump’s offer to play golf for charity by calling the challenge “deranged.” This after Joe Biden twice offered to meet President Trump on the fairways and even spot him three strokes if he carried his bags. (Trump offered to give Biden 10 strokes). Here

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  1. This charity challenge will largely be ignored because Jackass Joe is an utterly dishonest, unpatriotic, incompetent, greedy, vain, venal, vicious, bed-wetting, pants-shitting, bumbling fraud, preposterous liar and Rat-Fucking, Rat-bastard coward whose soul is a small bubbling vat of Irish dumpster juice that acts like the mutant combination of the Winnebago man and Karl Childers!

  2. Handicaps are difficult to calculate – there’s a formula and you factor in course ratings, etc. – but an 8 handicap means that Biden is shooting around an 80 on a par 72. A lot of guys I used to play with actually “cheat” to justify a lower handicap; they play mulligans and may claim a 6 foot putt is a gimme.

    When I was younger and played a lot, my handicap was probably a 12 or 13 usually from the white tees. That involves a lot of time on the range, and playing at least once a week. 90 is “bogey golf,” and if you are a bogey golfer (1 over par each hole for 18 holes), you will generally have no problem showing up at a course and being placed in a foursome or being invited to play in a scramble tournament. Trump is somewhat of a golf fanatic so I have no problem believing he may have a 2 or 3 handicap, and I have read he has a low handicap from numerous sources.

    Obama probably rarely ever broke 100 (nor did he claim to be a good golfer), and I think Trump would be safe giving Biden 10 strokes a side.

  3. Put it on Pay-per-View and knock down the National Debt….It would be

    Highlarious….Let the Donger (0webama) come in every other Hole….(Scratch

    that)….(and that too)…Hunter could Caddy…

    Joe: “Hunter, there’s something wrong with this Talc”

    Jilldo could be the Cart Girl…and I mean the Cart with the Paddles…She is a

    Doctor after all…

  4. Joe Biden once taught a course at the Royal Navy School in Portsmouth UK . It was called “How to Flog Yourself the RN Way”. The British Govt saw it as a Money saving thing. RN professional Floggers get paid handsomley.

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