President Trump Urges Democrats to Support Nancy Pelosi

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13 Comments on President Trump Urges Democrats to Support Nancy Pelosi

  1. He hardly sleeps. He brings humor and irony. He tightens their already-twisted brains into a granny knot! He goes to bed with a smile, rests for about 3 hours, then gets up to kick their asses again! It’s GREEAATTTTT!!!

  2. OUR POTUS, the Consummate Troller in CHIEF.

    It’s becoming Art like.



  3. Usually a Trump endorsement is the Kiss of Death for Leftist voters. He should’ve left off the part about taking down the Democrat Party if he really wanted to watch their heads explode.

  4. I never expected to say this when I cast my vote for him, but I love Donald Trump! He makes me laugh nearly every day.

  5. I love that guy!

    If W Bush had fought back against the libs half as hard as president Trump there never would’ve been a president Obama.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that President Trump is my father.
    Smart, sarcastic, loyal, patriotic, religious but not overtly, understands what our liberties really mean and would defend them with whatever it took.
    Not one to hold his tongue when he felt it was important, a good listener.
    Dad was a big Reagan man, he would have loved The Donald.
    I’m so glad he didn’t live to see what O’Baja did to our country, it would have killed him.

  7. The Democrats are probably having convulsions. They know Pelosi is a brain-dead skeleton with a face stretched tight by Botox. If they dump her they have given in to the Trump. If they keep her, she is an anchor, a dead weight, a pus filled pimple on their buttocks.

    I need more popcorn.

  8. Nancy’s way past her sell by date and typical of the entitled group up there that fight to remain in their positions until they’re carried out in a box.
    Luckily these pests are beginning to drop like flies.


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