Press conference in Ukraine names Joe Biden and John Kerry as agents of corruption

Will this get traction by our MSM?

Doubtful. You have to see this stuff at places like here and then hope it spreads.

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11 Comments on Press conference in Ukraine names Joe Biden and John Kerry as agents of corruption

  1. Well, well well…. Porochenko did say he got rid of AG Shokin so Biden can give Porochenko the money.
    Sounds like Biden wanted a lot more than just AG Shokin removed, too.

  2. So Cuomo is the candidate.

    Until they tally up the deaths in the elderly care homes due to Cuomo’s policies.

    And now you are back to Hillary for a 2020 rematch.

    And people think “The Days of Our Lives” soap opera was unrealistic.

  3. Clear, unequivocal evidence of Biden’s complete and utter corruption!

    To be censored (removed) by YouTube in 3…2…

  4. So the matching of replacing a prosecutor with a billion in loans is confirmed by Joe Biden’s voice, yet again.

    “Highly edited audio!” Says democrat media…

  5. The hell with the crooked msn – its whether it gains traction with AG Barr-boehner that matters.

  6. If you switch directly to the Y-tube feed there are a lot of comments from the left insisting that editing was done to the voices to make otherwise innocent conversations into these tapes.

    The little bit of CNN that I have seen (so far) has not mentioned this video at all yet.

    Waiting for instructions from Hillary and Obama most likely.

    Biden probably thinks the video is good for his campaign.

  7. I may just have to look into the possibility of potentially calling for a review into looking at maybe suggesting there could probably be cause for an investigation at sometime in the future for these alleged acts.

  8. It’s way past time for prosecutors to get off of top dead center on this.


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