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  1. I’ve been in a couple on line battles with these idiots. I’ve asked several/many, “Define Principled” and either they can’t answer or they describe Trumps platform.

    TRUMP 2016


  2. There are so few politicians that prioritize the American middle class instead of the rich cats and the non-productive that we are willing to support a flawed candidate when one comes along.
    If Hillary wins she is going to strategically place millions of immigrants into conservative middle class areas in order to deliberately break up any opposition to the globalist Leftist agenda.

  3. Who do you want?
    Hateful,Insulting,Lazy,Lardass,Arrogant, Repulsive,Yahoo (Swift’s def)
    Corrupt, Lying,Incompetent,Nasty,Tawdry,Offensive, Nagger.


    Dynamic, Optimistic, Noble, Able, Leader, Devoted.
    Talented, Resourceful, Unique, Magnificent, Positive.
    Your choice Pilgrim?

  4. The bastards who have taken over our Republic needed an excuse for Trump losing–they already have it rigged. Now the GOP elite and liberals can smugly sit back with their “I told u so” certainty when they steal the election. There is no way the global powers are going to risk losing decades of groundwork and trillions of dollars to lose now. They have been working towards this since Woodrow Wilson .

  5. A Republic cannot function when politicians lie to get elected.
    Lies and deceit are tools of oppression; not of Freedom, not of Liberty.
    It is no coincidence that socialism practices lies and public manipulation to advance their agenda while more honest politicians have that “deer in the headlights” stare.

    Unjust methods cannot justify just ends.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. @Listingstarboard:

    …There is no way the global powers are going to risk losing decades of groundwork and trillions of dollars to lose now. They have been working towards this since Woodrow Wilson.

    Since Alexander Hamilton, actually.

  7. @Bad_Brad:

    Yeppers, I’m thinking the same thing. All her whining about Trump’s “sexism” can be shot down by Trump in any number of ways with just one withering comment.

    I do agree, though, that this matter should be dealt with right off. This elephant in the room has to euthanized instantly or the debate will be as tense as a hostage situation–even thought it would probably kill the ratings. But I have great faith that Trump will prevail. Tonight, he’ll unload ALl of Hillary’s baggage and then call her a cheapskate when she fails to tip the bellhop.

  8. greetingsfromyonkers, I think he needs to go for the throat if that story is correct. This time I would have Billy’s victims sitting front and center. I’d hit her as hard as I could as fast as I could and then turn ultra Presidential and insist on policy only questions. Which she doesn’t want to talk about. And if it’s even a slight set up I’d cancel the rest of the debates and hold Town Hall meetings in there place.

  9. Czar, Anonymous released a You Tube video and they’re saying that tape has a high probability of being doctored. They claim the Trump team is hot on this. I’m not familiar with Anonymous batting average. But wouldn’t that be awesome. They ask some good questions in the video.

  10. BB, by “tape”, are you referring to the “original” Access Hollywood tape on Trump? Do you have a link to that Anonymous vid? Danke schön.

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