“Pro-Palestine” Protestor Has No Idea What She is Protesting – IOTW Report

“Pro-Palestine” Protestor Has No Idea What She is Protesting

I would say she represents the vast majority of these dipshits-

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  1. “We came down from Columbia”, say no more.

    I weep for any 20 something traditional man that would like to find a nice girl, get married and raise a family. This is why “passport bros” are a thing.

  2. This shows that college degrees are worthless and shows
    why forgiving student loan debt is such a winner for the democrats…money used on. trips and protests and left wing participation in anti-American activities.

    It’s simple TDS – if he’s for it I am against it, right?

  3. Millennial and Gen Z – the lost generations. Empty vessels the left has filled with Marxist lies that set them up for their own destruction.
    Once totalitarianism takes over, useful idiots like this are the first ones the State will illuminate and most won’t know why. Especially, the two dingbats in the video that are following the deadly fad/trend, “Free Palestine”.

  4. You remember all the riots, burning, and overall trashing that Antifa did during the summer of hate? How piles of bricks magically appeared where they were going to riot? How we heard of the money they were being paid to cause all that chaos?

    Well, guess what. The same thing is happening to these pro-Palestinian anti-Israel protesters. See how they all magically got the same kind and mostly the same color tents? How they have no idea (other than there go-to chants that were written out for them) what they are protesting?

    Yup. Paid protesters organized and paid for by ???

  5. Well … it’s NOT Down’s Syndrome; but, butt, there is obviously de-evolution involved.

    Love her like you would love a puppy — even if the puppy, (unlike her,) can be trained to NOT use your carpet as a toilet.


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