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“Professor” Arguing On Social Media Wants To Settle The Score By Using Physical Violence

Robert Donald Weide, a “professor” at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), wants to shut down Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus.

Part of this moron’s gripe is that he objects to the charge that he wants to stifle free speech, all the while trying to shut down the event.

That sounds an awful lot like this—->behead-those-who-say-islam-is-violent

This low IQ professor goes on to argue that the name of the group sponsoring the event is intimidating to people of color – Young Americans For Liberty.

Where does the group’s name mention skin color? Is this moron saying that people of color are anti-liberty? You really can’t get any dumber than this.

On second thought, you can be dumber. You can be the one that hires this asshole as a “professor.”

So, what happens when a person of this monumental intellect is challenged enough in the arena of ideas? You guessed it. They resort to threats of physical violence.

He invited his debaters to “come down to the gym.”

William F. Buckley used to do that all the time. All the great thinkers did.

To make matters even worse. The knobhead actually wrote this —->

“Heads, up, though. I lift, bro.”

Wait until you see what he looks like. Click for more.

I have to admit, lugging that shnoz around all day probably builds up some formidable neck muscles.

Heads up, bruh. I can swing for air and odds are you’d be sporting a flopping honker.

Robert Weideimgres-1

Have you ever seen someone more intimidating?

35 Comments on “Professor” Arguing On Social Media Wants To Settle The Score By Using Physical Violence

  1. Obama lifts too!
    There is even video evidence.
    Both of them could get into a cage match and the last bell would ring before either of them came up with the courage to throw a punch.

  2. I have seen plenty of guys who lift – and some lift a lot. I also know guys who box and are into MMA. And occasionally, a guy who lifts a lot tries to get into the ring with someone who boxes, and the result ain’t pretty.

    Weight lifting and competitive fighting are different things, and boxers lift to increase their boxing strenghth and skills while weight lifters are concerned about the amount of weight hefted or the muscle mass built. One can lift all they want, but I would still give the edge to another who likes to fight and has the skill and experience to do so.

  3. Young Americans For Liberty.

    Young – Nope, nothing there…

    Americans – Nope, could be anyone….

    For – What Obama says every time he hits a golf ball.

    Liberty – Aaahhh, here it is to the permanently lost soul. ‘Liberty’ is dogwhistle for Whites Owned Slaves ‘N Shit Bad Bad Need Socialism And Take Their Stuffs !

  4. He said something to the effect that if he hadn’t changed his name, he would probably be on a terrorist watch list. Thus, I’m guessin’ he was originally a mohammed or achmed as well.

  5. Well, I guess he told everyone! Everyone is soooooo intimidated! What a dunce! In a just world, some petite young lady with crazy martial arts skills would kick his ass.

  6. Generally I’ve found that people that feel the need to warn others about how bad ass they are, aren’t.

    The ones that are true bad asses, like my Italian relatives in s Philly, go from zero to 60 in about a half a second. There ain’t no warning bullshit.

  7. Quick throat punch, heel of the hand to the bridge, he can lift himself off the floor. Remember what Butch said, no rules.
    What does he want, a flex off?
    Old age and treachery wins over youth and skill.

  8. Reminds me of Tony Shaloub’s alien character with a lazy eye in Men in Black. They shoot his head off and it grows back. Hmmmmmm……

  9. Amusing. He does or has lived in Alhambra, CA. Just a coincidence. Wonder when the weirdo will have sudden jihad syndrome.

  10. Look here, Crazy Gilligan.
    Tenure is all that’s between you and assistant managing a Hardy’s on the turnpike.
    Pray you don’t need to ever justify your existence to someone who has ever run a company.

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