Professor Says ‘I Am Antifa,’ Once Posted He Wanted to Beat Trump With Baseball Bat

Epoch Times:

A professor in Iowa stood by his comments supporting far-left extremist group Antifa, which President Donald Trump has said is “evil” and should be designated as a domestic terrorist group.

Jeff Klinzman, an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, once said he wanted to beat Trump with a baseball bat.

The “Iowa Antifa” page posted a Trump tweet talking about Antifa, saying that the group consists of “Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting… people over the heads with baseball bats.”

Klinzman responded, writing, “Yeah, I know who I’d clock with a bat.”

Responding to a query from KCRG, which found the posting, Klinzman stated: “I affirm that I am ‘antifa.’”

He said he didn’t want to be interviewed but he does not apologize for his statement about Trump.

The Secret Service told the broadcaster that it is aware of the threat.

Jason Blazakis, a former Director for U.S. State Department specializing in counter-terrorism, told KCRG: “I wouldn’t myself as a professor want to be associated with acts of violence that are attributable to a movement of individuals like Antifa.”

Kirkwood Community College declined to comment on the situation specifically.


12 Comments on Professor Says ‘I Am Antifa,’ Once Posted He Wanted to Beat Trump With Baseball Bat

  1. The insanity of the left. Wants more gun control, yet thinks the reason for legally obtaining a firearm is to go hunt down “angry kids”.

  2. Personally, I hope he buys a gun and accidentally injures himself.
    Then he can become the gun related statistic he really wants to be.

  3. On a side note, Seems old Joe was reminiscing about the donger being

    assassinated during a Speech last night…Breitbart has the Story.

  4. The problem is that he is correct when he states that he and probably the majority of academia are Antifa. College is where they recruit and mold their followers.

  5. If there’s any justice in the world, he’ll be pulled over for a broken tail light, and they’ll find his weed and his gun in the glove box.

  6. I feel that ANYONE who openly threatens physical harm to the President of the United States should be charged with a felony.


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