Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Says He’s Sorry

Epoch Times:

Texas man accused of licking a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream before placing it back in a Walmart freezer was released from jail and stated that he’s sorry.

D’Adrien Anderson, 24, has been released from the Jefferson County Correctional Facility after posting bail, CBS19 reported.

He said that inmates in the jail recognized him after news coverage of the viral incident, which he apparently posted to his Facebook.

Police charged him with criminal mischief due to the monetary loss that Walmart suffered after it was forced to restock the ice cream.

Anderson also said that he was fired from his job over the prank.

31 Comments on Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Says He’s Sorry

  1. Opened a bucket of cat litter and realized it’s more sealed and hard to open than Blue Bell icecream.

  2. “Anderson also said that he was fired from his job over the prank.”

    I’d fire him too. No telling what he would do on the clock.

  3. Should be put to death.

    No telling where his mouth has been, how many times he’s done such stupid shit before he was caught, and as a warning to future morons.

    His life may be a sordid creepy lackluster affair but his death could be a shining example.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. So he enjoys “licking things”.., should have left him in prison..no shortage of helpful guys there..

  5. Listen to him talk,he has the
    understanding of a child.I see
    more and more of this…

  6. “This guy loves publicity even if it’s for the wrong reason,” ……

    I’ve never understood people that seem to need public acclaim or attention of any type.

    I prefer to just go through life as anonymously and unnoticed as possible to avoid attracting the attention of others or having any kind of public attention or recognition directed at me.

  7. Jailed, mocked by the other prisoners, most lickly an upcoming large fine, fired from his job, and most lickly have a difficult time getting another job…….yeah, I’d say his fun has just begun.
    Karma is SUCH a bitch.

    Oh, and PS, “sorry” don’t feed the bulldog.

  8. Another one of obongo’s sons suffering from being ignored by dad….instead of buying $15 million beach homes to keep his daughters and the missing link in the lap of luxury, he should hire minders for his sons.

  9. Just a few days ago, the same jail he spent the night in released an inmate after serving his time. The idiot walked out of the jail and to the nearby highway. A pickup truck struck and killed him. Too bad it wasn’t this asshole.

  10. Two years prison time minimum or justice has not been served and trespassed from every store that sells food items for life.

  11. Prank??!!! That’s contaminating other peoples food.
    If he has Hep A or Aides it can be a death sentence
    for some little kid. Prank my ass. He needs 5 years
    in the pen to discourage other shits like himself.

  12. Thanks to those videos, I won’t buy any ice cream that isn’t pre-sealed with a plastic strip first. No fucking way. Goddamn garbage people and their shitty fads. They should all be thrown off tall buildings once caught pulling shit like this.


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