Progressive Code: Branding Christians When ‘some people did something’ To Them

 Because Christians can’t be viewed as victims, and must be seen as oppressors, Progressives brand them “Easter worshippers” in the wake of the the horrific church bombings in Sri Lanka. What are the roots of this apparently-coordinated verbal attack on the English language, and on the followers of Christ, by Leftwing political leaders?

8 Comments on Progressive Code: Branding Christians When ‘some people did something’ To Them

  1. Erick Erickson couldn’t resist the urge to lecture us on why “Easter worshippers” was perfectly fine, and we need to just calm down. But the super political/divinity genius closed his screed with this:

    “I do have to admit it is weird that multiple Democrat politicians are all out with “Easter worshippers” at roughly the same time. I presume there’s a PR team involved and all these accounts are handled by that same team.”

    Come on, Erick. We figured this out way back at “gravitas”. You’re woefully behind, fella.

  2. I would expect such labels by the DNC, atheists, pagans, agnostics, progressives, socialists and Communists …. any words or actions to marginalize, discredit and create discord.

    The DNC, media and their progressive Hacks are busy elevating the “Rights” of illegal immigrants, even though they have none; While they continue to elevate and pardon the actions of worshipers of a murdering, pedophile, rapist false prophet.

  3. …does that mean we can call Islamics “murder worshippers”?

    ‘Cause that’s what they DO…

  4. I always thought that Easter worshippers were the kinds of nominal Christians who would go to church once or twice a year on Easter or Christmas just to assuage their guilt and make themselves feel good. You all know the type, we see them about once or twice a year if that. Either that or they fall for the prosperity gospel bullshit like Joel Osteen preaches and call that church which it ain’t.

  5. the Mohammedans and Socialists are all Christophobics, eager to attack Christians and Christianity every chance they get

  6. Our intellectual and moral superiors can’t even get their euphemism right. You don’t worship Easter; you worship a divine entity — Jesus, The Christ, God, The Allmighty.

    You celebrate Easter … as any five year old who was ever raised Catholic or Protestant could tell you. So next Easter, when Muslims kill even more Christians, call them “Easter Celebrants.”


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