Transgenderism. A Logical Look.

Part 1


A deep need for attention

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  1. If a guy claims he is a transgendered woman and likes sex with women is he a lesbian or just a horny heterosexual with a mental problem?

  2. Alex,
    What is ‘a mental problem’?
    Yep, you got it,,, next?
    Let me have Constipation for $100,

  3. They are truly disturbed, mentally ill people trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are somehow “normal”. Prior to just a few short years ago they would be in institutions.
    Today they are a Politically Correct, protected, miniscule “minority” that the Left and disingenuous politicians feed off and are using as just a nuther tool to further divide our nation with.

  4. It’s always all about them.

    Look at meeeeeee!

    It’s a cry for attention, except nobody cares, because you’re damaged goods.

    I actually kind of care, I think it’s freaking hilarious! If only it was polite to point, I totally would!

  5. This is what happens when God is criminalized to the point that his teachings are forbidden to even be uttered in places like publik skool, let alone practiced in the privacy of your own home.

    A better divide and conquer tool has not been found yet to be used on the low-fo crowds since the invention of disinformation TEE-VEE.

    Since this is now considered “normal” it will soon be time for the pedophiles to become “normal” behavior and once that is accepted then the push will be for the muzzies love of sex with animals to be “normalized” as good, clean, and proper “fun” since most female humans carry at least one form of STD or another and then the final frontier will be broached with sex with robots as normal just as soon as those damn capitalist prices on those sexbots becomes affordable to the average lo-fo unemployed cellar-dwellar!

  6. Mental illness is in the eye of the beholder, until a holier than thou ninth circuit judge straitens your wayward mind out for you.

  7. Why don’t we ever call them what they really are, female impersonators?

    That’s what they used to be called, who took control of the language from the rest of us and decided it should be something different that somehow sounded more acceptable?

  8. A “transgender” is a simulacrum.
    This particular form of perversion fits into the destructive world-view of the nihilists inasmuch as it can be depicted as benign – in some cases comical – so that the humans have little cause for alarm and even less for resistance.

    Though some civilizations die with a bang, others die with a whisper.
    England (UK) died a slow, agonizing death over decades.
    France died (at different times) both ways only to be resurrected as a pale image of itself.
    Rome’s death took centuries.
    Greece killed itself one city at a time.
    China maintains its central being while the various Emperors come and go.

    But we shouldn’t kid ourselves.
    “Transgenderism” is another razor slice in the flesh of civilization.
    Totalitarians must atomize society – and they’re succeeding.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. My neighbor transitioned from a guy to a woman right before our eyes. He started to dress himself like my wife and we wondered who the new woman was living next door and wondered what happened to him till it hit us it was Frank impersonating a woman. I feel sorry for his daughter who is the same age as my youngest daughter who is now 30.

  10. South Park nailed it 10 years ago, when Mr. Garrison had the operation to become Ms. Garrison. He eagerly awaited his first period and first pregnancy, and the doctor explained that the changes were merely cosmetic. Then his lover Slave rejected him because Slave likes men, not women.
    Then one of the kids wanted to be black and tall, so the doctor operated on him to make him that. Then the kid’s dad wanted to be a dolphin so the doctor operated on him. Of course both were just cosmetic.

  11. If making fun of men who dress up like women is such a terrible thing to do, M*A*S*H reruns — which are the mainstay of at least one cable station — would have been publicly vilified and the cable station pilloried by SJWs.

    As has already been said here, this is just another extremely fringe and very pathetic and ridiculous subject and group of people the Left objectifies for their own ends. If it helps their cause it is useful. As soon as somebody leaves their ideological plantation (such as regretting having cut off their appendages), that person will become as hated as Candace Owens (a black woman), Sarah Palin (a white woman), Milo Yanopolis (a gay man), …and you get the idea. All those “marginalized” and “oppressed” people are only such if their allegiance is to the Left.

  12. Next, nudists will be given discrimination protection.

    Imagine michelle obama walking around with no clothes, and nothing you can do about it?


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