UK: Has Twitter Interfered In An Election?

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5 Comments on UK: Has Twitter Interfered In An Election?

  1. Well, Pat Condell would certainly like to interfere in UK elections.

    But in a legal way, with the goal to throw the freedom averse, sovereignty rejecting, lifetime politician, fat pension collecting bums out. Hit ’em hard. Never elected again.

    Our Battle of Britain .

    Same message applies here, too.

  2. They, Twitter and all its Social Media cronies, have become mass Communications companies and need to be treated like a public utility to mandate fairness and competition or this kind of abuse will simply continue. Big Brother style censorship and taking sides has no place in mass communications in the Western world.

  3. The serfs should just do as they’re told.
    UK is a slave-state.
    “Managed decline.”
    Get over it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Well, you know, if the British government creates an office of the British government. And that office misbehaves. Maybe it should be eliminated?


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