Progtard congresswoman tells students to “never lead with the facts,” work on emotions


Among the things overhead by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog during a recent town hall was Congressmember Pramila Jayapal telling student leaders to “never lead with facts.”

The comment was made while discussing activism during a closed-door session, the Capitol Hill Blog reports.

“Facts will never drive anybody to make a decision, but you need to have them. Never lead with the facts. They’ll believe your heart, but not the facts,” Jayapal says, according to the Capitol Hill Blog.

 It’s amazing she would say that. It’s true. But it’s still amazing she would openly tell students that.

Think about the importance of what she is saying. This is a member of Congress telling a bunch of children that they should learn to lead with emotion over facts. You get more people on your side if you do so.


Jayapal spilling open the left’s playbook for all to see. Facts mean little when you can play on emotions. This is how the left rolls. The idiots that they’ve indoctrinated do not “think.” They react.

Facts mean nothing. Feelings are all that matters.

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16 Comments on Progtard congresswoman tells students to “never lead with the facts,” work on emotions

  1. Well, it was only a matter of time. One of them finally said dead bang. These people need to be KEPT. They can’t manage their own lives. And their voting rights need to be stripped.

  2. “The law is reason, free from passion.” ~ Aristotle

    So this contemptible lawmaker tells children it’s all about passions (emotions), not reason (logic).

    Probably why they don’t teach the classics anymore, it would reveal just how utterly asinine the left really is!

  3. My youngest son, 27 now, use to come home from school when he was a junior in high school and start every other sentence with “I feel like”. I’m actually a patient guy. But that was finger nail on a chock board for me. I bit my lip but finally asked him, “I’m not interested one fuck in what you feel. I want to know what you know”. (I might have been drinking) Almost caused a fight. He’s a little high strung. He gets it from his mother. But he got the point, like a sledge hammer. Haven’t heard it since.

  4. It’s hard to name a politician in western Washington that I would have anything good to say about. We are as bad as anyplace in the country.

  5. What drives me nuts, and it always comes from a lib, is saying “well I guess we will have to agree to disagree”. One of my brothers said that to close out a discussion and I couldn’t hold back, and told him what a spineless, useless statement I thought that was, and that it always comes from condescending liberals when they can’t think of anything meaningful to say. We haven’t talked since, three years now.

  6. Again, more proof that not only can a ham sandwich be indicted by a Grand Jury, it can get elected to Congress

  7. There’s no way to sustain a Republic with such people.

    I don’t want them killed or harmed.

    But they need to be made Wards Of The State.
    Like the mentally ill. Or severely retarded.

    Fed and housed compassionately but not allowed to pretend to be competent to vote or hold office.

  8. “Lead with emotions.”

    Your conservative opponents will appreciate it, when they bitchsmack you with the facts, and you blubber all over them. We lube our rifles with your tears. >:-D

  9. @Joe6pac
    Sorry to hear that, actually I am right there with my two sisters. Not quite, but almost.

    They are unwilling to discuss….only condemn.
    They offer no alternative…..

  10. Never heard of this idiot congress critter, maybe it’s because I live on the Eastern side of Wash. state. Keep her away from us, the idiots who voted for her can keep her. And we may lose our Congresswoman Kathy McMorris Rogers to Lisa Brown a rabid left wing loonie this year which would suck real bad.


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