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Project Veritas: HHS Is Complicit In Human Trafficking

PJM: We don’t need to worry about open borders, right? We don’t need stricter immigration enforcement, right? Isn’t that what we hear from the Left and the administration?

Well, they need to shut up. Right now.

Project Veritas has released the report on its recent investigation into the U.S. Government’s role in human trafficking, and quite frankly, anyone who watches or reads this and still wants to whine about January 6 can go straight to hell. Also, right now.

Project Veritas spoke with whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas, who worked with the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency. She volunteered to assist Health and Human Services (HHS) with the Unaccompanied Children Program, processing migrant children. Rodas told Project Veritas that the government is using your tax dollars to aid in the trafficking of migrant children.

According to Rodas, most sponsors are not citizens or even permanent residents. They use the threat of an Order of Deportation to force the child to do whatever they say, which may include forced labor or working in the sex trade. Rodas said that she has been subject to retaliation by people within HHS for raising red flags about the issue. She told James O’Keefe: WATCH

8 Comments on Project Veritas: HHS Is Complicit In Human Trafficking

  1. what kind of paperwork is required to become a “sponsor”?
    who gets to pick the sponsors?

    keep Tara Lee Rodas in your prayers, she has a giant target on her back now

  2. HHS is probably also utilizing the refugee placement networks that have been placing refugees in sweatshops, mostly food processing, for decades.

    No one will notice this story. It will be buried. It is an inconvenient truth.

    I hope that at least the Spanish speaking networks take this and run with it. It should also be front page news at La Opinion and El Nuevo Herald.

    I will forward it to the editors of the nominally conservative newspaper I read from my wife’s city in Ecuador. Human traffickers have been very active in that country since the Sucre collapsed in 1998.

  3. Now investigate Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Relief Services, and the rest of the NGO’s that take our tax dollars to facilitate this and give the government plausible deniability.


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