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Biden Asks Congress to Intervene to Stop Railroad Strike


All 12 railroad unions vote individually to ratify their contracts, unless congress intervenes and imposes a contract which forces all to abide.  The railroad unions representing a majority of the railroad workers remain in dispute with the currently proposed contract with no resolution in sight and a potential labor union strike looming on December 9th. More.
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18 Comments on Biden Asks Congress to Intervene to Stop Railroad Strike

  1. 40% Yearly inflation. (Fuel & Food)
    And now workers don’t want to fall behind.
    I wonder what & who caused that inflation?

    Dr. Professor Jill?
    Nanny P?
    Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?

  2. I once read a book about the government trying to get its grubby paws into the railroad business.
    It was written by a nice Russian lady about seventy five years ago.

    Who is John Galt?

  3. To me it seems extreme but, I would imagine the retroactive 24% raise plus more benefits is going to seem like chicken feed in a short while?
    Most people at work I talk to are clueless on what’s going on here and around the world.
    There must be a tipping point where people start to pay attention?
    Would that be $10 a gallon gas? More lockdowns?
    I was in thriftway this weekend and saw a 30 Oz fruit bowl, it was 18 bucks.
    I think if we all just ignore it just might go away, not.
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was correct, stupid people are more dangerous than people with malice .

  4. Gee Wally, I guess Hunter’s appointment to the board of Lionel didn’t quite work out like Jackass Joe thot it would!

  5. 24% increase? How high does that take their pay? You know, any costs for transportation of goods will be passed on to consumers, further increasing inflation and depleting finances of families and individuals.

    Christ almighty, Social security increase is 8.7% and they still tax it as income.

    I figure if I live to be 96 years old, I’ll get back what I paid into Soc. Security. But what I recieve is in 2022 dollars (or later) won’t buy inflated cost of groceries, heat, electric, gasoline, taxes, interest rates and everything else.

    Thanks Joe !!! For nothing, when I already have enough of nothing. FJB and the Democrats and the RINOs.

  6. Dear Joe, Donald Trump wouldn’t need help negotiating, but then again, he is a born leader. You on the other hand are an epic failure and fraud.

  7. …and to the Railroad unions: once you are inconvenient, your value to the dictators is made apparent…. figured it out yet? Ya useful idiots.

  8. Railroad workers are already some of the highest paid labor in the country, and now they want a 24% pay raise? Screw that! Greedy union bastards kicking the country when it’s down. Bring in the scabs.

  9. @Tony R
    They don’t want 24%, they already have it retroactivity, I think from 2 years back pay as part of any done deal.
    As long as the country is being raped and taxed by inflation they want their cut. Nice gig if you can get it.

  10. It’s not about the money. The unions (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and SMART (Conductors)) are fighting the very restrictive Attendance policy. Most Engineers and Conductors do not have regular scheduled days off so they have to ask to be off on the days they choose. The carriers can refuse their requests if the carrier deems that they will be short on crews. So appointments are missed. Also if one has used his allotted time off and then needs to lay off for an emergency he is disciplined up to and including dismissal. It’s a quality of life issue when they work by the phone 24/7/365.


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