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Jill Biden Makes Christmas Tacky and Crass

UK Daily Mail

With the executive mansion open for holiday tours again now that the COVID pandemic is slowing down, the first lady picked ‘We the People’ to star in the decor, which features do-it-yourself style adornments and mirrors to reflect the visitors who walk through the halls. 

More than 50,000 people are expected to tour the White House this holiday season, according to the East Wing. 

The decorations include 77 Christmas trees, including three dedicated to Gold Star Families. There are 83,615 holiday lights that decorate the trees, garlands, wreaths, and displays around the mansion with 25 classic wreaths adorning the north and south facades of the White House. More

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  1. “Jill Biden Makes Christmas Tacky and Crass”

    …that’s not very fair.

    Jill Biden Makes EVERYTHING Tacky and Crass.

  2. I was driving the south suburbs of Chicago yesterday, my primary mission was to go to a couple junk yards because I can’t afford new car parts, that quickly became secondary to my primary of just trying to not get shot.

    They are prideful people there anyhow, shantys all decked out in Christmas decorations. After dragging those decorations out for probably the last 10 years from a musty basement, they are a step above Jill’s decorations.

  3. So 50K Tourists huh?

    Let us break down the numbers

    That sounds an awful alot alike every Elementary to Middle Schoolers Paid by Parents Field Trips . . .

    . . . and a whole bunch of paid voluteer chaparones along for the free ride.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  4. looking at the pictures, I found one with Pedo family stockings on a mantel.

    …suggested thread topic;

    “What Would You Find In Hunter Biden’s Stocking”

  5. Did anyone take notice there was no manger scene depicting Jesus’s birth? Nope didn’t think so 😢

    And we wonder 🤔 why the country has gone down the tubes.

    After all Jesus is the reason for the season 🙂

  6. Lavish excess while the masses can’t afford food, heating bills, gasoline and crushing taxes.
    Let them eat cake, say the Bidens and the Congressional delegation (they should no longer be known as Representatives and Senators).

    They represent the establishment government, those who choose not to work, perverts, immigrants, EU, UN, Ukraine, Taliban, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China, not US tax paying citizens.

  7. Watch for it. Jill will either dress herself all in ribbons and bows like a gift wrapped by Goodwill or in garland and ornaments trying distract from her obvious flaws.

    I take great issue with people having to choose between eating or shivering in the cold, while the Bidens live it up like Louis the XVI and company. It’s like we’re living out a poorly written Dicken’s tale

  8. Not surprising. She has no taste, no class, and can’t even wear something that makes her worthy of being called a lady.
    She looks like a cheap prostitute anyway.

  9. yes Miss Kitty, I noticed Not one Sign of our Lord or his birth.

    because it’s all about the FN Bidens. She’s as classless as Hunter.

    let’s hope next Christmas decorations will be from Mrs.Trump

  10. I wonder which set of old draperies or cast off couch her dress will match? We should add tawdry to the tacky and crass description. Melania has more class and style in her pinky than Dr. Jill could muster, even with an army of fashion consultant. And, once more for emphasis, she is NOT a medical doctor (the real kind), but rather paid/influenced/threatened her way to a Phd, based on a third grade level, BS dissertation.

  11. “Dr”. Jill has no sense of style, taste or respect for The People of The United States of America she’s suppose to represent.

    Those White House Christmas decorations look decades old and like they came from the Biden’s Delaware home basement. A half a** attempt at “celebrating” Christmas, the birth of Christ – the only hope for world.

    Since the Biden’s have nothing but contempt for God, it’s typical there would be no Christian reference included with those decorations. The evil Fake pResident and his wife just don’t give a crap.


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