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“Project Veritees, What is That?”

What looks and sounds to be a gay guy who works at Twitter is caught on hidden camera mocking the concept of free speech, and describing how Twitter published their truth and quashes right-wing beliefs.

Why do I mention that the guy is gay?


Project Veritas has some very sophisticated ways of infiltrating these crooked institutions.

25 Comments on “Project Veritees, What is That?”

  1. I’d be in a burn unit if I got that close to someome flaming like that.

  2. Guy’s frigging head bounces around like an out of control bobble head.

  3. Rights are God given. Subhuman pieces of shit don’t give or take away rights. Governments can only recognize them or not. Anyone advocating for or involved in preventing others from exercising their rights is a subhuman piece of shit undeserving of anything other than contempt.

  4. Gay? I don’t see it!
    Adjust your sights. Dope the scope.

  5. One bullet = one dead queer. It’s a bargain.

  6. Public School, Liberal ARTS degree, lives in Mom’s basement.

  7. Oh yeah, that’s a faggot. He can’t get penis off his brain.


    I’m not trying to sound sinister or mystifying. It’s plain simple facts. Go anywhere in the world, strike up a conversation. It’s general topics of conversation and/or about other people. You ain’t gettin’ ish’ as far as personal details go.

    Exact opposite in America. I’ll learn more about some ladies gall bladder operation before she’ll tell me what her political affiliation is.

    Try it. And then try to watch what you say to strangers. Damn near impossible.

    Much simpler to just make stuff up on the spot.

  9. Degenerate fucktard.

    Have any of you opened an old book and had a silverfish run across your hand and half way up your arm? The revulsion! It must be killed. Burn the house down if you can’t find it and squash it.

  10. He ain’t gay. Don’t seem very happy to me at all. He is trying to justify his sin.

  11. Silverfish are the most disgusting natural things on the planet. Fucking revolting. I’m not a fan of maggots, either. But silverfish… wtf?

  12. Maybe they wouldn’t be so disgusting if you kept your fish in a tank instead of a book.

    Plus, you put a fish in a tank, he can defend himself.

  13. HAA!

    It’s not my fault they charged out of a 400 year old book.

    Wait until you have one on your neck.

  14. She’s a’ight. But imagine her covered in silverfish. In her hair as she tries to kill them. Banging her head on door posts. Putting her head in the coal fire. It’s ugly shit.

  15. I’ve seen cockroaches the size of your hand-I’ll take your silverfish running up my arm over a roach any day.

  16. Looks like everybody took a sharp to to the topic of Silverfish. lol We had them in tbhe bathroom when I was a kid.

  17. I’ll have to proofread before I post next time.


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