Prominent Member of the Press Openly Admits To Suppressing News

Why is this not bigger news, that Chuck Todd has admitted to not showing what he personally finds politically uncomfortable on his broadcast?

This is a major step toward 1984, and it’s as if no one cares.

Meet the Press@MeetThePress

WATCH: The president held a campaign rally last night and attacked Hunter Biden. We cannot in good conscience show it to you @chucktodd: “Politics ain’t beanbag, but it isn’t supposed to be this either. We all need to play a role in not rewarding this kind of politics”


“So we are going further than we’ve ever gone before to say we aren’t going to play the sound,” Todd smugly confesses, adding:

We aren’t going to repeat the president’s vicious attacks on Hunter Biden. The President of the United States stood in front of a crowd of supporters and character assassinated a man who — whatever you might think of his decisions — is not a public figure, he isn’t running for office, and he’s not a campaign surrogate. He’s not even on the campaign trail, and he isn’t in any way asking for this attention, obviously.

Is that not the biggest load of bullshit ever, and I do mean ever…

So all of a sudden, if you are “only” a businessman who flew around the world on the vice president’s airplane to cut sweet, foreign business deals for yourself, you are an untouchable private citizen the media won’t ever report on? No matter how shady the deals? No matter how much the vice president’s influence was involved, you are off-limits to media reporting?

Really, Chuck?

Really, that’s the New Standard, those are the New Rules — that it is now off-limits to report on any businessman who profits from political relationships…?

My God, what a liar.

So what we have here is a purported NEWSman admitting he is hiding NEWS from the public, and not just any NEWS, but words spoken by the most consequential figure in the world: the President of the United States.

Here’s the bottom line… Chuck Todd is so insecure, he attacks the president, but he won’t let us hear what he is attacking the president for.

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  1. Communists have wanted the wealthy USA since the early 1900s (about the same time they joined in wedded bliss with the Democrat Party). Communism has always had rich elitists in their corner; when Marx managed to feed his kids, it was only because of his friends’ “generosity”.

  2. This bolshevik seems to be completely detached from his own constant smears of the president. The daily drumbeat of lies and distortions that he regurgitates without any sense of objectivity has left him clueless as to how he’s perceived by anyone fair minded.

  3. If he doesn’t lie convincingly, he will lose his job. He’s reminded of this every time he looks in a mirror. Wouldn’t want to be him.

  4. Politicians pulling strings and using their children to illegally funnel foreign cash into their pockets offends the delicate sensibilities of what used to be a hard news show.

    We must protect the 46 year old, drug addict, dishonorably discharged, adulterous children of politicians from being used as campaign fodder.

    BTW, that’s sarcasm for those developmentally disabled with contextual reading comprehension deficits.

  5. And in his interview yesterday with Rand Paul he suggested that Republicans were gaslighting when Rand brought up the letter sent by Dem senators to Ukraine threatening them – yes literally threatening them, not the supposedly implied threat Trump made on his phone call – that they needed to investigate Trump or risk losing US financial support. In other words Chucky gaslighted Rand’s statement by claiming Rand was gaslighting.

  6. “Hunter Biden…a man who — whatever you might think of his decisions — is not a public figure, he isn’t running for office, and he’s not a campaign surrogate.”–Chuck Todd, today

    Really, Chuck?

    “Joe Biden’s son Hunter made his 2020 presidential campaign trail debut with his father Friday, two weeks after the former vice president praised him for battling through “tough times,” including years of drug and alcohol abuse.”–AP News, July, 2019

  7. Toddler is a prominent member of a group of propagandists. We don’t need his admissions. We don’t need anything from him.

  8. “Prominent member of the press?”
    Well, that’s a misnomer.
    There is almost no “press” anymore,
    just socialist talking heads with
    fingers on the truth quashing buttons.

  9. People who don’t follow any press are more informed than people who only follow main stream press.

    Toddler. Haha, I like that.

  10. nunyo bidness; Your right, “”damnatio memoriae is a modern Latin phrase meaning “condemnation of memory” a person is to be excluded from official accounts. There are and have been many routes to damnatio, including the destruction of depictions””. This is what these web sites and news outlets need to do, stop echoing these peoples messages and stop mentioning their names. They survive by being quoted and hammered over and over in print.

  11. There’s no hypocrisy by Chuck Todd. Hunter Biden is a private citizen, just like Joe the Plumber was a private citizen, and the press, including Chuck Todd, didn’t attack Joe the Plumber at all.

  12. Shorter version:

    “If you want honest news reporting about the Trump rally, you’ll need to watch a different network. Good night and good bye.” – Chuck Odd

  13. …what about chasing after his dead brother’s widow? When did that pursuit really start? The guy has no morals – yet he lives in the Love of the Biden Family. That entire bunch makes me ill.


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