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Proof Positive

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  1. Nice Pic of “Stu Cazzo”

    Literal: This Dick (Italian)

    Also used as ” Fuck All”

    Q: What did you get for Christmas?
    A: Grab Balls & Say ” STU CAZZO”!

    Use it wisely friends.

  2. I bought a rear sight for one of my cap guns a few years ago and the USPS lost it. They too wanted to know what it looked like.

    How the fuck should I know what the package looks like? It’s a small part, so it could be in an envelope or a huge cardboard box, and anything in between.

  3. Shades of us having Visible for our phones. It was a every 6 weeks or so crapshoot on what would go wrong. Can’t talk to a live person, no stores to go to. All had to be resolved through chat.

    Wife: I’m not getting texts. People are emailing me asking why I’m not responding.

    Me: I try to log into the website for her account to find that two-factor authentication is in play and that I need to enter the code sent by text. She can’t get texts. Can’t chat.

    I try the Visible app on her phone. Again, two-factor authentication with code sent by text. She can’t get texts. Can’t chat.

    One hell of a setup. We’re not with Visible anymore.


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