Prostate Cancer Research Receives $100,000 Donation From an “Arrogant Prick” – IOTW Report

Prostate Cancer Research Receives $100,000 Donation From an “Arrogant Prick”


[New Zealand’s] Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s muttered insult about ACT leader David Seymour has raised more than $100,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation through an online auction.

The framed copy of the infamous Parliamentary debate in which Ardern’s microphone picked up the words “arrogant prick” directed at Seymour has become one of the most viewed items ever on TradeMe, with nearly half a million views. More

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  1. I lost my father to prostate cancer back in 1993. Thats because there was no PSA test. He only learned of the problem at age 63 when he woke up one night with severe urinary distress. They quickly did some biopsy strips .. and cancer everywhere. He took radiation treatment but it was too late. Cancer had already entered a nearby lymph node.

    A mere twelve years later, at age 49, I had my first PSA, and sure enough the number was 4.7. Did an biopsy and they found cancer. Got the ol prostate taken out but had a positive margin. So, for 15 years Ive been keeping this tiny cluster at bay with diet and some supps

    I tested at 49 because of family history. If I had waited until it would have been too late. So thats the lesson, get tested. There’s no crying need for extra research if every man gets tested when their doctor says. When caught early, its treatable

  2. Horse tooffed Jackassette.

    Notice how She, Turdtboy & Macaroni from France are all part of the “We have Penetrated the cabinet’s movement of Klaus Schwab.

  3. For all of you guys out there, a handful of raw almonds, daily, will help keep your Prostate healthy. My dad is 80. Has been eating 11 raw almonds a day, for the past 40 years and no issues.
    Why eleven? Because that’s how many he picked up in his very first handful. Lol


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