Proterra Lurches Into Damage-Control Mode in Wake of Free Beacon Reports

WFB: A slump in stock price and reports about Proterra’s costly electric buses underperforming across the country have sent the Biden administration’s favorite electric battery company into damage-control mode, retaining a top-flight defamation lawyer and inveighing against “partisan blogs” like the Washington Free Beacon and the taxpayer-funded NPR.

Proterra, the electric bus company linked to several Biden administration officials and top Democrats, has retained the services of high-profile attorney Erik Connolly, the company said. A Proterra spokesman said Connolly was hired to “address some recent false and defamatory publications about the company.” Proterra also published a statement Monday night that sought to set the “record straight about mischaracterizations about our Company in recent partisan news blogs that are opposed to the widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles.”

It is unclear whether Proterra’s reference to “partisan news blogs” refers to the taxpayer-funded NPR or the Free Beacon.

Proterra said that reports about its bus failures have been “twisted into an indictment of battery-electric technology,” that the problems are limited to its “first-generation buses,” and that its battery technology has never directly caused a fire. more

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  1. Proterra says “that its battery technology has never directly caused a fire”.
    To (make up a) quote (from) one of their representatives, “It wasn’t the battery, it was the chemical reaction between the lithium and the air which caused the fire. Quit trying to make this something that it isn’t!”

  2. …saying the battery didn’t cause the fire is like saying no one ever died of AIDS. It’s semantically true that AIDS per se doesn’t kill people, but the opportunistic infection that overwhelmes the destroyed immune system DOES, so they died of an infection subsequent to AIDS, not AIDS itself.


    But that ignores that AIDS made it POSSIBLE, and the infection NEVER could have happened WITHOUT it.

    ….you could split the same technical hair here, I suppose, but if the fire couldn’t happen but for the battery being what it is and where it is, then the proximate cause is and remains subsequent to conditions that NEVER should have been present in the FIRST place…

  3. I half expect them to pass a law prohibiting fire. That would fix it. Probably next year. In winter.
    “… the problems are limited to its “first-generation buses…”
    let me guess- they’re going to give it a booster shot?
    I wouldn’t be saddened a bit, if the company tanked and all the bidenites, that clandestinely invested in it, lost their money.
    Hey, if they do, they can ride public transportation. Maybe to the play ‘hamilton,’ which is getting 20 million dollars in the ‘infrastructure’ bailout.
    wtf is going on?

  4. “Nobody spends somebody else’s money as carefully as he spends his own. Nobody uses somebody else’s resources as carefully as he uses his own. So if you want efficiency and effectiveness, if you want knowledge to be properly utilized, you have to do it through the means of private property.”

    ― Milton Friedman

    These pieces of shit would never have seen the light of day in the first place w/o politicians spending other people’s money. Same goes for the Goddamn windmills that are shitting up the scenery all throughout the west.

  5. I can say this about Proterra:

    There’s a killer on the road
    Squirmin’ like a toad.

    Come knock on my front door, Mr. Squirmin’ high-profile attorney.

  6. It wasn’t a fire, it was a “thermal event”. Hahahaha. Hey Hiroshima, you didn’t get nuked, it was just a “thermal event”.

  7. Here is the meat of the story: “ Biden energy secretary Jennifer Granholm is a former Proterra board member. Her stock holdings in the company, worth millions of dollars, were the subject of a Free Beacon report in April.”


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