Qualcomm, one of the nation’s largest users of the H-1B program, eyeing layoff of 4,000 people

San Diego Reader-

A layoff of this magnitude would stir up more criticism of Qualcomm’s excessive top executive compensation. Last year, chief executive Steven Mollenkopf was paid $60.7 million. Former chief executive and now executive chairman Paul Jacobs was granted almost as much as Mollenkopf, bringing their combined compensation to $117.7 million. The company argues, correctly, that all this money would not come to the executives in one year, but nonetheless, it is the kind of pay that could — and should — rattle workers, especially those facing a layoff.

Also, Qualcomm is one of the nation’s largest users of the H-1B program.


Check out this other headline from 2014-

Obama to Headline Fundraiser at Palatial Home of Billionaire Bundler

Photos show immense property on the Pacific Ocean owned by Dem mega-donor – Qualcomm’s PAUL JACOBS!!!!!
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  1. the entire Jacobs clan are bleeding heart Liberals and support the same…..they have been copping $50+million a year salaries for decades…good thing the Republicans are the party of the 1%ers

  2. Just read a report this week that only about 50% of the college graduates of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs can find work in their field.

    Yet Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, etc. keep demanding more H-1B visas/workers (so they can reduce wages and benefits of course) by claiming there aren’t enough STEM graduates available!

    Funny how it’s the leftist who complain about the 1% that are in fact the GREEDIEST bastards around.

  3. Major Garrett redux: Thank you, Mr. President.
    As you well know, there are 4,000 Americans at Qualcomm whose jobs are threatened.
    Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content enough with partying with Qualcomm’s CEO in order to garner campaign funds to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation’s workforce unaccounted for in relation to these 4,000 Americans?

  4. As a guy that has worked in high tech for 35 years, I see massive age discrimination on the account of H1B visas. These things drive the wages of USA scientists and engineers into the ground. Who wants to do all the work of becoming an Engineer or a Scientist to know you will be replaced by 3 Indians with Ph.Ds that work for 1/3 your price?

  5. Ah haaaa, a new batch of criminal aliens was seen heading this way. The estimated size of the scrum was thought to be roughly 4000 people! The question is: how much did Qualcomm have to pay for this advance information?

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