Question – How many of you sleep with a pillow over your face?

I’m going to put up 2 comments.

Yes, I sleep with a pillow over my face.

No, I never sleep with a pillow over my face.

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I’m just asking because Scalia was found with a pillow over his face. Not trying to start any rumors. I’m just not the type that could sleep that way. Maybe a sheet to shield my eyes if it was too light in the room.

A pillow??


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  1. I need total silence to fall asleep.. Just the wife breathing keeps me awake, so usually I need to put my head under the pillow. I can sleep through a rock concert once asleep, though….

  2. Hey Tsunami…don’t forget about James McDougal. I had a friend serving time in Ft Worth FCI and he told me dude was alive when put in solitary and he saw 4 guys who weren’t guards go in there a couple hrs later because he wouldn’t stop crying and making noise. Well he quit making noise after that…permanently.

  3. I do in winter, and use three comforters. Toasty and comfy. However, I would think it would have moved if he was aware of having a heart attack?

  4. What I’ve read so far:
    No autopsy, and the Cause of Death was pronounced by a Sheriff, from another jurisdiction , OVER THE PHONE, and not pronounced by a Physician.

  5. It sounds like something Nancy would do as she straddled his body, her breasts swinging heavily as he fought for breath beneath the pillow. Finally his release came, and as he passed she whispered “rosebud”.

  6. I used to sleep with my pillow over my head, but I got tired of that unsightly dent the safety on my 1911 was leaving on the back of my skull.

    OH HELL NO. A pillow over the head could mean life or death if some one broke in.

    That guy wasn’t a small guy. I’ll bet he had some sort of sleep apnea going on.

  7. Good thing he didn’t commit suicide by shooting himself in the back 20 times from a distance of 30 paces pausing only once to reload.

  8. This NYT story, also quoting the ranch owner, makes no mention of a pillow. Hmmm.

    Why no autopsy?
    Why no Medical Examiner?
    Why an immediate embalming?

  9. I sleep with a second pillow over my face to block the light and sound, my wife stays up very late (past midnight) watching NetFlix on her Kindle.

  10. Does anyone think, like me, that Scalia’s death was just too coincidental?

    Did anyone see the Pelican Brief or Enemy of the State??

  11. I’m curious how many high ranking government officials have died in the last 30 years and didn’t get an autopsie. Besides Harry Reid.

  12. I cover my head for light/sound suppression.
    That said, he was no spring chicken.
    I imagine he had some security on his ranch.
    He may have been sitting up in bed when it occurred and the pillow fell over his head.

    How the hell Ruth Bader Ginsburg is fighting off sweet death is beyond my pay grade.

  13. People do all kinds of stuff, and people die all the time.
    If the Pubs roll and let Obama appoint someone, then I will start looking at the darker side of this.

  14. lately, it’s been about 5 to 10 degrees here at night…..we have a woodstove for heat, so we’re pretty chilly…..i sleep with a sheet, a blanket, an afghan, then a quilt, and then another afghan……and thermal pajamas…..

    but NO WAY is my airway EVER covered, no matter how cold i may be….no, i don’t sleep with a pillow over my head……i doubt i would even do that in TEXAS…….

    too many fishy details……watch for ginsberg to take the hint and retire soon…….

  15. I actually sleep with a pillow over my face all the time. But that is because the wife sleeps later then me and has lights on and the t.v. on still getting ready for the next day. She says she always removes the pillow after I fall asleep scared I am going to suffocate myself.

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