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Question of the Day “What Would Biden Have to Do to Get Your Vote?”

Between trillions in student loan forgiveness and infrastructure projects across key battleground states, Joe Biden has demonstrated his willingness to buy votes with federal dollars no matter the cost. He’s also shown a willingness to sellout what few principles he may have on any particular issue to garner votes in key demographics.

That leaves me wonder, just how far would Biden have to go for you, personally, to vote for him come November. Could he direct federal money towards your favorite cause or flip flop completely on a key issue important to you? What would be your price to secure your vote for four more years of Joe?

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  1. not possible. but sniffer & all gubmint pedocrats can strip down to underwear & socks, then get on a one-way barge to what used to be the bikini nuclear test area.

  2. Release Barry Marshall Davis’s birth certificate and college records after he gives Barry, Hillary, Bubba and Pelosi a .45 caliber nasal spray, followed with one of his own….Don’t leave Jill and Hunter out of this fabulous sinus cleansing either…

  3. I agree with Different Tim. Even if he were to drop dead on live TV, I still wouldn’t vote for him, because they’d replace him with someone worse.

    If he were to write an Executive Order to take all the money, down to the penny, from everyone in government that stole taxpayer money; even if he confessed to every illegal thing he did and everyone else in government, business, etc.; even if he sent back every illegal from 1960 to today, I would NEVER trust him or any other “public servant” to turn around the day after the election and say, “NEVER MIND.”

  4. “Fer the other guy to stroke out & keel over, otherwise not much.”

    I haven’t startd drinking yet, so calm down. LOL. However I’m dying to know what would attract a U.S. Citizen to this train wreck. Is it the out of control inflation? The weakening of the dollar? The collapsing economy? The wide open border allowing terrorist cell to walse right in?
    I’m thinking for someone to post that message they either need to be a non citizen or brain damaged.

  5. @Brad
    Unfortunately, on Election Day I live in a state that will be in the win column for FJB. Western WA is drain bamaged.

    I hope I’m wrong but…

  6. OK, if Old Joe gets rid of early voting and vote by mail, and requires voter ID, he can have my vote. Of course that’s never gonna happen, so FJB.

  7. “the polls, your guy is dropping faster than wit cement boots on.”

    But that is simply not true.

    Go back to trying to make puppies with your dog, and your hot pockets.

  8. Where’s my sharpie? Oh shoot now I’m sleepy, nap time right after I change my Depends whoops I just farted oh that was a wet one,quick Where’s my help? Did I stink up the court room, smiling. Yep

  9. If Pedo Joe would grant me unlimited pardons for crimes not yet committed…….

  10. Democrats could prop him up in a far corner, light up thousands of incense candles, add a strange voice to the teleprompter, zip him up in a clown faced body bag and nothing would change.. Nope I’m not biting for less than 6 figures in gold bars upfront.

  11. 1) Eliminate/disband the IRS, FBI, BATFE, NSA, EPA, the federal reserve and the Department of Education
    2) Stop all spending above federal revenue
    3) Admit the 2020 election was stolen
    4) Replace Que Mala with Trump
    5) Resign

  12. “Resentful childless harpies unconsciously longing for domination. Why else worship at the altar of Hamas? Why else would it be so overwhelmingly female?” — Dr. Jordan Peterson

  13. Close the border tight then round up ever last illegal and overstay in this nation and shipping them out would help improve my disposition towards Biden, some.

  14. Whatever I got would only be worth having until that globalist scum finished destroying the country I live in, so,, there really Is NO
    Genius Shirt,BTW.

  15. I suppose it’s possible that I’d vote for xiden if I dropped dead. Many people do become reliable Democrat voters once they’ve passed their expiration date.


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