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Questionable JAMA Study Predicts 400,000 COVID Related Deaths By End Of Year

Live Science

A staggering 400,000-plus excess deaths may occur in the U.S. by the end of the year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study suggests. That estimate includes people who died from COVID-19, as well as those who died because of disruptions caused by the pandemic.

In the study, published Monday (Oct. 12) in the journal JAMA, researchers analyzed data on overall U.S. deaths over a 5-month period in 2020. The authors used this data to estimate excess deaths, that is, the number of deaths beyond what would be expected based on historical trends.

The researchers found that from March 1 through Aug. 1, there was a 20% increase in U.S. deaths beyond what was expected, representing 225,530 excess deaths. Of these, two-thirds were directly attributed to COVID-19, while the rest were due to other conditions. Some of these non-COVID-19 deaths may have in fact been due to COVID-19 infections that went unrecognized, while others may have been related to disruptions from the pandemic, according to the study, led by Dr. Steven Woolf of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. More

See why I call this study “questionable”? First, they blamed all increased deaths this year to COVID. Does that seem like good science? Second, they counted all deaths due to disruptions caused by the reaction to COIVD. This includes people not seeing their doctor, not getting needed treatments or operations, not going to the pharmacy, dying because of forced isolation or the destruction of their livelihood due to the pandemic panic. – Dr. Tar

According to an NPR segment on this “study” that aired yesterday afternoon, Ezekiel (let the elderly die) Emanuel co-authored this study. Read the transcript in full or listen to the piece. Here

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  1. …as well as those who died because of disruptions caused by the pandemic.

    That means that somewhere in excess of 100,000 deaths were caused by the gross overreaction and mismanagement by govt execs and agencies. Not that that hasn’t been bloody obvious all along.

  2. Had no idea Bob Marley was studying this shit. But that would explain the conclusions. Peeps in my hood wear masks to get into stores, and then immediately pull them down. There’s sentries at the entrances of the grocery stores. The routine is wear your mask properly past them, and then pull it down to your neck. The sentries know whats up. It’s a formality. I read a report from some alphabet group of medical professional about two weeks ago that theorized California had already hey Herd Immunity. I believe that. Because in reality, no one here wears a damn mask.

  3. There could be 400,000 deaths if Kamalla’s stanky ass gets in the Oval Office.

    Remember how long it took the Trumps to move in to the WH?
    All that fumigation, cleaning and redecorating, down the drain.

  4. I see what they’re doing: Now Joe gets to campaign with “an estimated 400,000 deaths from covid”. They’ve probably made the ad already. Of course, dementia Joe will be saying 400 million.

  5. I’ll see your 400,000 and raise 125,000!
    Fewer than 10,000 according to CDC.

    It’s almost as if we’re seeing a race to the bottom – who can be the most obnoxiously ignorant fart-sniffing pseudo-scientific Granma/Pravda/NYT fake-news “medical” bullshitter. Similarly to Globaloney Warming Scam Inc. the more outrageous nonsense gets the most press.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. But none from seasonal flu, suicide, and neglected cancers or heart issues.

    Alberts Canada: 11,000 health support workers layed off (not front line workers).
    They are cleaners, laundry, janitorial, maintenance etc. This clearly indicates that the hospitals are no where near their regular capacity.

    Same bullshit lies even in our freest province.

  7. Lockdown deaths aren’t ChinaVirus deaths, either.
    Same as death with ChinaVirus vs death because of ChinaVirus.

  8. The political key to understanding “covid related deaths” is the word “related”. That actually means the deaths were not covid [i]caused[/i] but that they had some covid virus in them when they died, even if they were obviously dying of other causes at the time.

    This needs to be pointed out to anyone you hear quoting death counts since they miss that fact in their understanding of them.

  9. They blamed all of the increased deaths this year to COVID. So, all of the people that BLM and Antifa have killed are counted as due to the Kung Flu.

  10. At the beginning of this dempanic the “experts” said there would be a million deaths. So what are they complaining about?

  11. Trump knew in January the severity of this disease making him the clearest prognosticator in the history of man.
    Forget any new studies and just go to The Man for any future insights in medicine, technology, and everything else.


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