Rachel Maddow Reportedly Thinking About Leaving MSNBC

For days now members of the left wing press have been speculating not on the re-conquest of Afghanistan by murderous Muslim fanatics and the deafening silence coming from the White House, but on the possibility that MSNBC may be losing its most popular anchor, Rachel Maddow. Here and Here

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  1. Rachel Madcow is the most popular anchor on MSNBC? Who knew that Chris Hayes’s ugly step-brother garnered so many viewers? But it does say “Most popular on MSNBC,” which is like winning a least ugly beauty contest.

  2. I know people who hang on her every word. Regrettably, some of them are family members such as my MIL who tells everyone she watches MSNBC because, “they’re the most honest”.

  3. If any woman had the shape and looks of an average 11 year old boy, wouldn’t they be homosexual as well? Never got asked to a dance in high school because she looked like……(see above).
    Oh, and plus she lies and makes up stories and statistics.
    My fag BIL will be devastated. HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Only hardcore Commie leftwing lunatics watch the bull dyke so it’s no skin off our backs. 😏

    Buh Bye, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. 😂

  5. @FSU corvair

    Pardon for being nosy, but how does one have a fag BIL?

    Does it mean you have a real fag brother who married another fag, or your sister is a liberal with very poor taste?

  6. SO? Who cares? Where would (s)he go? Who would have her/him?

  7. Rachel Maddow Reportedly Thinking About Leaving MSNBC

    I don’t care, she can be the first on Mars which is a more suitable habitat for her. Leave or stay no one cares.

  8. @non-binary: “Hope you all like Afghans, for their soon to be your neighbors.”

    They won’t come to my neck of the woods. Too rural, rough-neck red-necks here. Even the Mexicans leave once they arrive. They head up Oregon way.

  9. You’re all wrong – she’s going to dye her hair a repulsive color and join Team Androgenous Fuck USA Soccer!

  10. That bull dyke needs to do the world a favor and take her message to a Muslim country with tall buildings. Take Rosie O’Donnell with her.

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