Rand Paul Working for Asia Bibi Asylum in the USA

Senator Rand Paul just Tweeted that he is working with Richard Grenell on getting asylum here in the US for Asia Bibi. She was the Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy in 2009.

She was released from prison but is still in Pakistan where mobs of angry muslems are rioting and promising to kill her.

Read about her here.

8 Comments on Rand Paul Working for Asia Bibi Asylum in the USA

  1. He keeps standing in the gap and defending our country and our values when everyone else seems to be silent on an issue.

    This is what a refugee looks like.

  2. I would rather have this one, poor Christian victim of Islamic Lunacy come to our country than ten thousand Central Americans who want to victimize America. She was accused of blaspheming the Prophet Mohammad, because she got her drinking water from a well before some of the other Muslim women villagers. Riots ensued when she wasn’t hanged under Pakistan’s enlightened Muslim Laws. The UK is not willing to accept her and her children, because it might offend their enlightened Muslim Maniacs. Thank you, Rand Paul, and God speed, Asia Bibi.

  3. Bring her to America now. And bring the doctor that helped us kill OBL with her.
    Any bets that P. Trump gets it done.


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