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Random iOTWr Critters

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1) fullmetal256 (Daisy) She was one of the most cuddly and fluffy cats that I’ve ever owned (10+). She always met me at the top of the stairs when I walked in the house, and had a creepy habit of peeking around a corner to stare at you. It was kind creepy in a funny way.
2) Jethro (Largemouth Bass) Largest largemouth bass I ever caught. Over 6 lbs.
3) Marco (Redmond and Simon)
4) SgtZim (Charlie the cougar) Our fifth stray to adopt us.
5) SNS (Duke) Lop eared Duke.
6) Bobcat (Indigo Snake) This guy detoured through the jobsite. Not a snake person per se, but this one is beautiful. Big Torch Key, FL
7) Tim-FJB (Bart) Enjoying his afternoon tea.

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4-14 I’m An Apex Predator – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON – Does your critter think it is the toughest?
4-21 Pampered Critters – Oh, come on! Don’t tell me your critters aren’t pampered!?
4-28 Did You Say Bath? – Do your critters like their baths, or to they scream, “I’m Outta Here!”

Thanks for your photos, contributors!

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  1. Good morning Lady C, a welcome break as always.

    One li’l thing tho. The grey guy next to SgtZim (Charlie the cougar) is none other than SNS’s Duke, wondering why I’m not throwing the ball since that IS my job when I’m home, and believe me he WILL be reminding me more enthusiastically before long!

    FIXED!!! Sorry for the goof! – Claudia

  2. Always enjoy the critter respite.. Many thanks Claudia an to your contributors as well. I hope all of you have a great new week. God bless.

  3. Claudia – From the bottom of ny heart I apprecuate you posting the pic of ny Daisy. It’s been a month since we had to put her down, and I’m still shedding tears.

    Fortunately we have another cat (Lily) that is adjusting by constantly demanding treats and attention. I don’t mind but my wife gets a bit irritated. Oh well.

    Have a great Sunday everyone and hoping some IOTWrs will get to see the eclipse tomorrow. It will be cloudy in my parts though.

  4. Spend more on the mutts for health care than on myself…

    $285.00 just this last Friday for annual plus meds.

    Worth it though. How was it that as a kid the dogs never went to the vet?

  5. Bobcat – beautiful Indigo. I’ve only seen three in my life. Amazing how docile they are for a non-captive. Wish we had one around the barn to take care of the rats and pygmy rattlers.

  6. One day at the cottage i heard one of the young girls next door screaming “i cant get it up” after a brief check i realized she meant a fish.
    Ran over and hand lined the critter up while at the same time her dad who was fishing the point hooked into another fat bass.
    Both fish were about 4 pounds and released.
    Then we had a beer.


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