Rapid City Unveils Obama Statue

In what is sure to be the newest perch for pigeons, Rapid City, South Dakota revealed to the world the latest addition to the town’s “City of Presidents.”
President Obama walking with daughter Sasha.

City officials have already commissioned an artist to render the current sitting president in bronze. More

40 Comments on Rapid City Unveils Obama Statue

  1. Will that go to the scrap heap when it’s proven that POS was not eligible to be president of the U.S.?

  2. Did they make it out of sustainable materials, like dog shit?
    Because Angus is the crappingist dog ever, and I could deliver a good supply if they want to scale it up

  3. This effigy triggers me, and it needs to be destroyed immediately before it causes me irreparable psychological harm.

  4. This will end up being a demonstration of perpetual motion: PC style. It will piss off some good ol’ boys, who will vandalize it somehow, which will cause libs to cry foul and further deify Obama, which will further piss off the good ol’ boys, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

  5. At first glance, it looked like Sasha was holding the flag in her hand. I was gonna say, “Shouldn’t it be dragging on the ground”?

  6. MissInMi.

    Actual size ears in midwest winds would create a public hazard and is an engineering nightmare. Have you never seen Dumbo?

  7. In a hundred years will people realise the he stroked racial tensions and did nothing to help black people in Chicago except expropriate prime land for his Presidential library for the illiterate.
    Will it be forcefully removed when the rose colored glasses come off?

  8. You notice you never hear anymore about the so called “obama girls” Sausage and Malaria? Seems like mud fence Amy Carter and butt ugly Chelsea we always in the news.

  9. Sturgis is just down the road from RC. wouldn’t it be a sight to hold off on the unveiling until the next rally and he could invite all his antifa and socialist girlfriends to witness

  10. You know, the Trump statue will be gold leafed, none of this cheap 3rd place bronze for “The Donald.” It’ll be three times bigger and twice as meaningful as his predecessor.

    Hell, it looks like the Obama statue is already cringing and trying to hide behind his daughter just knowing the thrashing his legacy has already take.

  11. If I don’t see a Joe Biden nuzzling the Child meme in the next two

    Hours… I’ll lose all faith in Humanity.

  12. Why isn’t he wearing his granny panties while riding his little girl bicycle (with training wheels) being cheered on by Big Mike (Mooch)?

  13. Wait til Vapid City comes to their senses and realizes how terrible that douche was for our nation.

  14. The Sasha statue looks a lot like the “Fearless Girl” statue of Wall Street. Virtue signaling much?
    BTW, that Barry statue belongs in a bad art museum. Wow! Really awful. GOOD!

  15. I can’t wait for all the right-wingers to get together and pull Obama’s statue down!

    Seems fitting!


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