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Rapper Goes Out with a “BANG”


A teen rapper from Virginia accidentally shot himself in the head on May 15 and the incident was caught on video.

Aspiring rapper Rylo Huncho was found lying dead in his mother’s home in Suffolk, Virginia, and investigators said he died of an “accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound” to the head, the New York Post reported. More

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  1. Sometimes, a cancer cures itself.

    Hilarious that for going on three decades now, the news uses the term “rapper” to describe any worthless, jobless, black scumbag.

  2. This tough-talking “rapper” kid lived with his mama?
    I’m sure he had no job, never did…and his mama probably had a hot dinner waiting for him every night.

    Not much street cred for an alleged “rapper,” is it?

    But of course, “fuck all y’all niggas.”

    ….nite nite tough guy.

  3. Kid lives down the road a bit from me. Not too far from church which is where he should have been.

    From local news story, ““I didn’t know he had a gun,” said his mother, Monica Savage. “When I came in the house, I saw him in his own blood and I ran, almost got hit by a car for trying to save my son’s life.”

    Almost got hit by a car….always the victim.

  4. Let’s see, I think this is like the tenth video I’ve seen of some young black person either killing themselves or putting a new part in their hair with a hand gun. All while filming themselves with their phones acting bad ass. This is obviously a Smart Phone problem.

  5. He had his whole life in front of him. Such a nice, well-adjusted young man with incredible promise and a bright future. Rylo always set a great example for his peers, some of whom have also passed away recently and will be missed, as well. We grieve for his mother, who, when asked if Rylo had a drug problem, responded, “Oh, no he didn’t, honey!”

  6. “accidentally”, nope, it was no accident. He held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, gun performed per design.
    Rule #1 – All guns are loaded, act accordingly.
    Had one mishap in 60 years of shooting, weapon had a broken sear, shot a hole in my waterbed.
    May or may not fire, sometimes it would pump out three rounds, it may empty the mag, FN Highpower, old pistol, didn’t have modern features that prevent that.
    Gunsmith fixed it, traded it for a Beretta 92.

  7. This kid, whose neglective, evil, imbeciles parents had absolutely no impulse control and no understanding of consequences.
    This is what plagues these TikToked generations, Gen Z and Gen Alpha.
    Godlessness is the key. Satan has convinced too many young people reality can be altered.
    This is how you get high risk behavior playing out on camera every young person now has access. If a person doesn’t believe there’s any consequences for thier actions, a crime, injury or death are usually the result.

  8. 99th Squad Leader

    Following that thought a little farther down the road, there’s a large swath of a couple age groups that are all skin colors, but similar social economic back grounds, that are convinced there are no repercussions for anything they do. How the heck did that happen? I guess they were all absent during “FAFO” week at school.

  9. A couple more of these and maybe they’ll bring back gun safety classes back to public schools. That or just tell them never point anything cylindrical at anything that bleeds.

  10. He’d also still be alive if he DIDN’T PULL THE TRIGGER!….unlike Alec Baldwin, who PULLED the trigger and is guilty of manslaughter…..soon to be convicted….

  11. I’ve been trying to stay out of the bar room brawls here. But I can’t keep my mouth shut on this one. I’m thinking Willy and I are about the same age group. Pretty old but think twice bitch. Our age group, if you pulled that trigger, no matter what, you are responsible. Period, end of story. If they’ve changed those rules they should have let us know. Another thought, if that fucking asshole Alec didn’t despise guns so much maybe he would have understood the mechanics and saved a life. Another thought, she was protesting gun safety on the set and got killed by a gun in the hand of the guy financing this circus. I mean WTF?
    Sorry, Willy’s 210 percent right on this.

  12. Alec pulled the trigger on a prop gun that he had NO REASON to believe had live rounds in it.
    It was the armorers responsibility to ensure gun management, protocol, safety, and security on the set.

    ALL irrefutable facts.
    The defense rests you honor.

    *The Armorer has already been found guilty of negligence.


    You know, it’s almost an unfair contest…

  13. LOCO
    No. You will not understand the rules of us old timers gun responsibility. I get it. You’re much younger. But that doesn’t change the rules we’ve been living with for ever. If some one hands you a gun what do you do? Check it for ammo and if it’s loaded. If some one hands you a gun you check it. Live ammo vs blanks is amazingly easy to spot. Willy would have caught it. So would I. You would have not and killed someone. Sorry. That’s the Gods honest truth. Ignorance of the young.

  14. Tell that bullshit story to every TV/movie set today. In real life accidents happen.
    Grow up these aren’t the “old” days anymore. People cut costs, hire drunks, drug addicts, unqualified help, list goes on. So you don’t like Alex, so what beotch.

  15. Brad wrote:
    “if you pulled that trigger, no matter what, you are responsible.”

    Brad doesn’t understand details, facts, and nuance matter.
    Like many people, Brad is simple minded.
    Binary even.
    He sees no shades of gray.

    Sorry Brad but it was not supposed to be handled as an actual loaded firearm.
    It was a prop gun in Alec’s mind.
    He had fired hundreds of them in his role as an actor.
    NEVER an issue.
    He was not at the gun range.
    Shame you can’t figure this out for yourself but Loco is here to help…

  16. Loco sez….”Alec pulled the trigger on a prop gun that he had NO REASON to believe had live rounds in it.”…..and then he pulled the trigger which makes him responsibly for manslaughter…

    As far as “the cunt road” comment from Eric, I find that hysterical and SO, SO, SO very fitting! I think Eric will forgive me for the plagiarism…..Cunt road Loco is your new moniker…..LOL, SMDH you idiot….

    Now please explain your one in the chamber rule with a revolver….

  17. ^^^^^
    Alec financed this projected. The diseased woman complained about gun safety and threatened to walk off the set. Research this shit asshole, it’s true. Did Alec intentionally murder this woman? I say yes. Pull your head out of your libtard ass and do some actual research.

  18. Loco
    You’re absolutely correct. I’m simple minded. Alec pulled the trigger, Alec should hang. You are definitely part of the younger generation. Good luck to you. You will need it.

  19. Libtard claims has nothing to do with the law. He hired her, so every employer should go to jail/prison when an employee commits a crime?
    Someone’s panties are in a wad.

  20. Cunt Road Loco sez..”It was a prop gun in Alec’s mind.”…..A good friend of mine has been a stuntman in the west coast, East coast and the third coast for more then 30 years…Walker Texas Ranger is just one of his credentials…If you see a new Mercedes commercial Jimmy is driving the car…..Anyway, he is credentialed and quickly said Alec Baldwin is guilty of manslaughter and the armorer too!….

  21. Brad, the rapper knew he had an actual firearm that could fire live rounds.
    He likely loaded it himself. Thus he is responsible for his death.

    Alec had a prop gun that he had no reason whatsoever to believe contained live rounds, or that it could EVEN FIRE LIVE ROUNDS.

    Simple to understand…for most

  22. Yep Cunt Road Loco, My friend with 30 plus years in the stunt industry, who has worked in and around weapons, sez that Alec and the Armorer are negligent in the profession…..The law found the Armorer guilty and Alec has enough law fare to delay the process for a minute or two. He will be found guilty eventually….Now expound on your theory about a revolver not firing with one in the chamber….

  23. Screw the hard feelings Brad. I’m Irish/German. I forget everything but grudges and the fact that I need more Bordeaux from France every 20 years, so we invade….

  24. Willys, your ignorant friend’s ignorant opinion means squat.
    Not a fucking thing.
    Bet me.
    Winner gets bragging rights.
    Loser makes one concession post and then stays off iotw for 90 days.
    Loser can post during the 90 days but must begin all post with “Loco (or Willys) was right, I am his bitch”


  25. “Brad, you are the asshole with the mantra “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so shove it…
    You got owned”

    Bazaar. I have no idea where drunk Locos going with that. But if he ever said it to my face Id teach him some manners. Looks like he has new friends anyway. The guy never was one of us.

  26. Cunt Road Loco sez….”Willys, your ignorant friend’s ignorant opinion means squat.
    Not a fucking thing.”….I think Jimmy would meet you in person and “convince” you of a few things….Wanna meet him? I’d like you to call him ignorant to his face….Ha Ha! ….As far as our wager, I’ll say that the loser can never post a comment again on IOTW. That would kill you…..You in?….

  27. “Willy is next, have a nice night.”

    Well have fun. He’ll shoot the fuck out of you Fed Bois. As will I. You’re going to need more pink haired agents. Just sayen.

  28. ^^^^
    Purple. Like my purple headed yogurt thrower. Wrap your lips around it you little bitch. God help these trolls should they ever meet reality. What a sad thing.

  29. Willy
    I’m really tired of being threatened by people that can’t measure up to the skid marks in my underwear. They should prove themselves before running their fucking mouths. The new generation I guess. The key board generation. And make no mistake Loco is a charter member.

  30. I’m willing to bet Willy could kick your ass in a heart beat. Ya know why? You’ve never been hit. You’re a little metro sexual bitch the does Pilates 5 days a week and thinks you’re bad ass. You’re a classic metro sexual except to obnoxious to land a mate. You need to shut the fuck up. You’ve exposed your self tonight. But you’ve made lots of new pals. I’m out. Busy day tomorrow.

  31. Dude, game over for me. You’re all fucking blow hard bull shit. I’m done with you. I hope Willy is too. Your bull shit is worthless, and a distraction really. You’ve made new friends here tonight, join and enjoy them.

  32. Hey Brad, How big do you think Corn Pop, Cunt Road Loco is?….I’m thinking like 5’6″ and maybe a buck fifty, but he barks like a pissed off Chihuahua….

  33. Loco CornPop Cuntroad never took me up on the bet either….Alec Baldwin gets convicted and Loco CornPop Cuntroad never comments on IOTW again. If he doesn’t get convicted then I never comment again….Deal?…

  34. Willys, I’m large enough and strong enough to stomp your old ass into the ground.
    I wouldn’t break a sweat and you know it.

    Brad too. Yes, he has a lot of extra ectomorphic subcutaneous tissue but that can be overcome with speed and quick movements.
    One uppercut and it’s game over.

  35. Hey, Brad. A possible answer to your question, “How the heck did that happen?” These kids are taught to do whatever it takes to satisfy any desire, lust, obsession or self serving doctrine despite how it affects others or themselves.

    Institutionalized socialism of the 1960s is to blame. It was allowed to fester unchecked for decades by the right and Christians who became complacent.

    Now there are generations of Marxist hive mindless, reactionary people all in their “feels”, but living as souless nihilists.

  36. Actually 99th, it’s pretty simple.
    Clout chasing.
    Back in the old days you could show off in front of a certain amount of people.
    You would get the dopamine hit and move on.
    These days you can go viral and reach thousands or even millions.

    Fame is just an instagram or tik-tok post away…

  37. And I countered your terms….Deal or no deal.?…Loco Cunt Road Corn Pop, I’m 2 and 0 as an adult and I quit the shit because I went to jail briefly and would rather chase skirts….How big are you?….This has become hysterical. Surreal even….LOL….

  38. Willys, you are frail & old and that is fine.
    You cannot even come up with original insults.
    You are so pathetic I feel bad typing this.
    Just go to bed and forget this post.
    Knocking your lame ass off of this site would make me the bully.

  39. LocoBlancoSaltine, that’s a great point. Yes, young people have always done stupid things for a rush/thrill. However, today with the whole world watching on social media, the stakes of risk taking are higher and more extreme. It’s become habitual.
    More youth are willing to go beyond the limits. For far too many, the possibility of death is not just and unintended consequence, it’s an acceptable consequence of risky behavior – that’s very disturbing.

  40. @LocoBlancoSaltine:

    I will honor the bet of 90 days, Willys. The terms I set, since I was the first to slap your face with my glove and challenge you.

    In a gentlemen’s contest, it is the challenged one who sets the terms, not the challenger.

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