Rare Color D-Day Footage

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  1. That’s amazing. I’ve been watching a documentary on Netflix called “World War II in HD Color”. It’s pretty crazy seeing the footage of these battles with decent picture quality.

  2. I don’t understand why these weren’t shown in theaters in color at the time. Was it the theaters’ camera technology that wouldn’t allow it?

  3. The last two men that I personally knew that were in WWII and Korea passed this year, about a month apart….I will miss then forever and I will never forget them….nor their sacrifice!…

  4. Ain’t no fookin ‘safe space there,’ these guys would have kicked your ass if you brought it up.
    Those guys were some bad asses.

  5. Is this footage official from the Army or Navy? I know there are all these shows “WWII in Color,” “The Color of War,” etc. But I don’t believe these were actually filmed in true Technicolor. It looks to me as though they are colorized; it seems rather obvious that only some subject in the frames (mostly people, flags, clothing, etc.) are in vibrant color. But if you look at many of the backgrounds, (water, buildings, sky, flooring, ground, etc.) those have not been colorized and are in gray scale.

    I’d like to know Fur’s thoughts…

  6. thank you uncle Beachie (landed in the 3rd wave on Omaha Beach) and uncle Bobbie (actually credited for knocking down the first enemy aircraft [Messerschmitt Bf 109] from a naval Landing Craft on this day) for your service … particularly on this day

  7. If you do a search of:

    Complete Broadcast Day D-Day

    You can listen as news of the invasion trickles out of Germany by about 1 a.m. eastern time. It’s 24 hours of broadcast in roughly hour-long segments

  8. Conservative Wynne

    As I watched it, I kept thinking it looked like the colorized movies from Ted Turner.

    Most colorization seems too rich to me and this one seemed consistently rich over many different cameras in many different locations.

    I don’t know, but I have my doubts. I suspect colorized.

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