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Ray Epps’ Lawyer Threatens Tucker Carlson: ‘You Didn’t See What You Saw on J6 Video — or Else’

PJM: The man seen urging people inside the Capitol Building on multiple videos on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6 in 2021, Ray Epps, wasn’t really urging people inside the Capitol, lawyers tell Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Instead, you’re believing your own lying eyes. And if you don’t hep-to and apologize for stating what’s on video that was captured on those days, then we’ll sue you.

So goes the gist of the letter sent to Tucker Carlson and Fox News from Epps’ new attorney.

The letter from Epps’s lawfare lawyer, formerly of Perkins Coie, to Carlson claims, “the fanciful notions that Mr. Carlson advances on his show regarding Mr. Epps’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection are demonstrably (and already proven to be) false.”

The “proof” suggesting that Epps didn’t do what he was seen doing was not provided. We’d all love to see that. The January 6 Committee’s private meeting with Epps, during which Adam Kinzinger fluffed him and granted him absolution, isn’t proof, actually. And his then-former FBI agent-attorney doesn’t absolve Epps of suspicions that he may have been a government informant of some kind on January 6, either.

This legal howler isn’t meant just for Carlson; it’s a narrative directive to a compliant media from the man who brought you Media Matters. And now David Brock’s other group, Facts First, has a stable of lawyers willing to tie people up in court for years in a legal war of attrition. They don’t call it lawfare for nothing. MORE

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  1. David Brock is a very large piece of shit. Complete with chunks of corn. He’s an enemy to the United States and our Constitution. He has a Soros credit card. He needs to be stopped. On top of that he’s a miniature little pussy with one eyebrow.

  2. Let me guess, Epps’ new attorney has not seen the videos and is taking Epps’ word for it. The only videos the attorney has seen are the ones that CNN has show.

  3. “One must ignore the fact that Epps told everyone that he traveled across the country to see President Trump’s speech, but he didn’t. He later claimed he was also concerned about his son’s welfare in coming to the Capitol and thought Antifa would start something. Instead, Epps was at the West entrance to the Capitol Building grounds, seemingly starting something. He is seen on video whispering into the ear of a person who then took down barricades.

    Those barricades served an important purpose; they denoted the no-go zone outside the Capitol. When Trump’s speech was over and hundreds of people went into the area, they were suddenly and officially “trespassing.” Ray Epps and the barricade removers helped that happen.

    Ray Epps was included on an FBI BOLO announcement and then removed six months later.”

    – From PJ Media

  4. Nothing says “I was an innocent non-participant and in no way connected to any riotous actions on Jan 6” moe thoroughly than hiring an exFBI lawyer to make threats. Lawyers aren’t cheap.

    How about going on Tucker’s show and explaining your actions and statements one by one as we all view the videos?

  5. Ray Epps didn’t kill himself.

    If this guy flips on them the whole house of cards comes crashing down and the Democrats and Republican establishment actors will be exposed.

  6. Oh for Christ’s sake, People!! Its clear that Im a victim of an all time smear job. When I said “We need to go inside the Capitol” I was speaking metaphorically. Obviously, I meant “We need to let our outraged voices seep into the consciences of our REPRESENTATIVES inside the Capitol”.

    As for that misleading clip where Im whispering to that person at the barricades. I was begging him, “For the love of GOD, dont do what I think you’re about to do.”

    So of course, he immediately crashed the barricade. He did it to SPITE ME. And now I have evidence that he was a Tucker Carlson plant.

  7. The lengths to which The Party is going to to shield this guy is all anyone needs to know. He was instrumental in the planning as well as implementation. The screwed the pooch by having him participate in both. The fact that he hasn’t “suicided” yet tells me he set up a dead man switch wherein the rolls of Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Mitt Romney are all exposed.

    It was a major fuck up on their part to have him directing ground operations. Their arrogance met superior firepower in the tenacity and grit of Donald Trump. They had no experience with such a man in the past because the Republican establishment, who were in on every Goddamned subversion of the country since the late 1960’s, has been calling the shots. Donald Trump isn’t perfect, bet he is not dry shaving the Republican base every time the chips are down, nor will he. He will make mistakes, but he is not deliberately selling us out. Nor will he.

    This scenario wasn’t even on their horizon.

  8. “US Judge Set to Eye Emails in Privilege Dispute Over Perkins Coie’s 2016 Election Work for Hillary Clinton”


    I knew I’d heard that name somewhere.

  9. Keep playing those videos and commenting!
    Sunshine is the best disinfectant.
    (not actual Tucker Carlson)
    “Hi! We got this threat letter from David Brock, formerly of Media Matters (explanation), and now a defending lawyer for Ray Epps, supposed FBI plant in the J6 demonstration.
    Let us read to you the text of this letter while we show you the J6 videos that brought all of this about……” I
    Expose it all, but in an “oh, who, me?” fashion, in a “we report, you decide” way. Let the videos speak for themselves. Loud!


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