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REAL ID enforcement is delayed until 2025


U.S. officials are delaying for two more years the enforcement of a rule requiring people to get new identification cards to board domestic flights, access federal facilities or enter nuclear plants.

The Department of Homeland Security said Monday the Real ID Act will not be enforced until May 2025, marking the latest postponement for the rule. The rule had most recently been slated to go into effect in May 2023.

The agency cited “the lingering impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,” as partially responsible for the continued delay. It noted that the pandemic made it more difficult for people to obtain licenses or identification cards that are Real ID-compliant.

The Real ID Act, passed in 2005 in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, enhanced the security standards necessary for driver’s licenses and other identification cards to be accepted for certain activities, such as boarding planes. Real IDs can be identified by a star in the right-hand corner of a driver’s license or identification card. more

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  1. Imagine having naked photos taken of you by radiating your entire body after walking barefoot over a stretch of filthy floor that thousands of other people have walked barefoot over, all your belongings rifled through as if they aren’t your own, and unallowed to voice reasonable objection just for the “privilege” of being packed into a filthy tin can like sardines for more than 2 decades and find out that’s not enough. Now you need a star on your driver’s license. Screw. You.

  2. Sorry. I just do not trust our systemically corrupt federal government. For that you can thank the Clinton crime syndicate. They lowered the bar to about ground level and every democrat thereafter has been trying to out Clinton the Clintons.

  3. “Real IDs can be identified by a star in the right-hand corner of a driver’s license or identification card.”

    …next up: a six pointed yellow star must be worn on the clothes of those the State deems…problematic.

    …for your safety, of course…

  4. There’s a reason the light sport aircraft & build your own markets are really popular.
    For the price of most EV’s, you can build your own 2 seater and screw traffic, lines, & the fat fuck taking up more than their share of seat next to you.
    Imagine the places you’ll go!

  5. Real ID to board a plane, but no ID to vote because it disenfranchises minorities. The same minorities who need Real ID to board a plane.

  6. Airlines may be behind postponing the Real Nazi ID. It’s all about the Benjamins for airlines. This mandated evil government ID will put a hurting on their bottom line.
    Lots of profit loss. Most people won’t get an ID to fly, especially Demwits.
    Also, it’s another opportunity for international fraud sponsored by China, “wink, winked” by the Xiden’s administration.


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