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Thank you, PolitiFact!

If you’re familiar with the federal government’s budgeting process and you follow social media, your head has probably exploded at least a dozen times when you see misleading information circulated as truth. Of course, countering it every time is exhausting. Who wants to take the time to go dig up the budget, make the images, and then explain it all?

Thankfully, PolitiFact has done the fact-checking and got it right, so now you can just bookmark a link and use it as needed.

The issue that PolitiFact had to weigh in on is how much of the government’s spending actually goes to the military verses various programs that could be called health and human services. As PolitiFact reports, the meme being proven false is being used as an attack against Republicans. While there are plenty of reasons for people (Republicans or not) to criticize Republicans, the meme is simply wrong on this point: 

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  1. This came up in a class having to do with insurance that I took back in the 90s. You know what? Social programs take up most of the fed budget. That hasn’t changed.

    Sort of like in CA where every few months there’s a petition for education spending in front of every store front. None of those people can explain where the money went from the last spending raise, but they just know they need more of it.

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