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I received this tonight.

I was searching for some information about electric cars and ended up at your site, at

I noticed that you link to this article:

We have just finished a monster guide to why electric cars might not be the best choice:


Sounds good, no?

Heres the punch line.

They’re pro-bicycle.

What do you think? Maybe it’s worth a mention on your site?

I e-mailed the person to tell them that I’m anti-bicycle as a replacement for the combustible engine.

But I did give them a link.

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  1. I come back to see if my internet is working ok after gumming up on me for a couple hours and noticed this article. So… I click on their Fixie Bike link to see what the hell kind of fag bike that was all about and they start off by talking shit about Donald Trump.

    That’s where it ends. I still don’t know what a Fixie Bike is and now I don’t give a shit if I ever find out. I hope President Trump outlaws fag bikes altogether.

    I personally take full responsibility for this comment if you get any complaints about it. Fags! lol

  2. Unruly-A Fixie bike means fixed gear. Rear sprocket does not freewheel. Pedals always have to be turning if bike is moving. The track bikes like they race in the Olympics are a good example.

  3. I ride a bike for exercise and fun. Having said that, anybody that thinks bikes are a replacement for cars is an idiot. Pick your date up on a bike? Take your kids to school in the rain? Bring home ice cream in the summer at 100 degrees? Pedaling to the emergency room when you’re ill.Yeah, like that will ever work.

  4. oh, ok, ankle busters. This is as far as I got on that site when I tried to find out:

    Hipster’s and Fixies go together like Donald Trump and being completely out of sync with the reality of everyday life.

    For anyone out there who thinks that Trump somehow has a clue about the real world, or is some sort of entrepreneurial tycoon behemoth, just remember this: When Donald Trump started out on his own in the world of business, his father got him off the ground by giving him $200 million dollars.

    If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t think they could be a success with that kind of money behind them, then they probably support him for President.

    You see, that right there is the kind of thing hipsters would just know…

  5. Kind of puts a dampener on out of state vacations too, lol.

    I don’t knock bicyclists, just the suited up fags that take up the car lanes. I run my dogs while riding a mountain bike down the dirt road I live on when the weather is cooler.

  6. I started riding bicycle for exercise after I had my heart attack. There are plenty of beautiful off road bike trails where I live, but getting to them requires a few miles on the road. I got tired of people giving me the finger, cussing at me, and throwing cups of ice at me as they drove by. So, now when I ride, I wear a side arm prominently on my left side as I am an ambidextrous shooter.
    They don’t bother me much anymore.

  7. Typical liberal article. Some good points: electric cars aren’t all they look are cracked up to be.

    Otherwise, the article is very blatantly assuming that the entire universe consists of urban environments. Which is the typical liberal part.

    The fact that bicycle messengers are a thing in big cities proves their point, but are urban residents their only target audience? Ok. Whatever.

  8. Sadly, that reminds me of Eleanor’s favorite expression from the 1930s… “America needs that like Franklin needs a bicycle.”


  9. I think I heard a reporter at a Da Tromp event say it’s “Queers” not Fags. Don’t you know some people are offended by “Fags” ? You can even look it up in the dicktionary… There IS no “f” in LGBTQ….

    So call them queers. But they will decide some of us are not saying queer with the intended deference to homosexuals and then we will be forbidden to use. Only those tattooed with a mark that indicates they speak with the approved intention of glorifying homosexuals will be allowed to say Queer. But never Fag. Or maybe Fag will be okay… who knows….

    I just stick with homosexuals…. They hate it for some reason. Lol. Fucking homos… fuck you.

  10. I’ve totaled cars before, came out without a scratch.

    I’ve wiped on my bike before, ended up with 7 root canals, a cracked pallette, nearly severed optic nerve, concussion, jaws wired shut for weeks, and a couple operations.
    The bike was fine, no real damage.

    No, bikes are not safer. Maybe from the standpoint of the machine they are safer, but not from the standpoint of the operator.

  11. They just established a bunch of bicycle lanes in our city and already the idiots are blowing red lights, looping in and out of heavy traffic lanes, etc. Waiting breathlessly for the first fatality.

  12. First of all – these imbeciles probably support Hillary, so right off the bat being “in sync” is what? Wearing an orange Teletubby Pantsuit Costume and wiping a server with a cloth?
    Secondly, every Kennedy kid started off with 200 million dollars and they are all utter failures. First, they spend the money, then they install themselves in some kind of government/”eco” position that allows them to steal from the taxpayers.
    Can we see John Wayne shooting the cyclists again, please?

  13. I live in an area where bicycling is all the rage. They are everywhere, at all times of the day. They are arrogant, run stop signs and traffic lights, and ride three or four cyclists in a row gumming up traffic. Sometimes there are groups as large as 20 or 30. I soooo despise these people. I refuse to ride a bicycle because of them.

  14. The push for bicycles as transportation – NOT recreation, mind you – is part of Agenda 21. The global-gubmint types will not be happy until all countries are equal, because FAIRNESS! They will not be happy until all major US cities look like your basic big city in China at rush hour, clogged with bicycles and nary a car or truck.

  15. @Tired Mom, you beat me to it. You can’t haul cattle or hay with a bike, and that is exactly what they want.

  16. Hell! Cattle or hay? What about a day’s worth of groceries? And maybe a kid or two? Or heck, your DOG if you don’t have kids since dogs are more holistic or something? I had a friend who moved to Eugene, Oregon who waxed rhapsodic about the men on bikes. “It’s nice to know they are riding for FUN down here instead of riding a bike because they lost their driver’s license!” GACK! And what is it with the SPANDEX on these dudes? Can someone explain that? I hate bicycles.

  17. HEY! What the hell is wrong with a “fag bike”? Aww man don’t tell me you’re one of those hateful intolerant condescending self-righteous asshole fascist anti-fag Nazis, are ya? I despise those self-righteous pricks worse than the “Spandex and Schwinn Syndicate” who act like “we’re” assholes (you know, licensed drivers who actually operate “motor vehicles” on the roads and highways we pay out our exhaust pipes to maintain) because we don’t marvel at their obvious superiority and how much “more they care” about the environment than we do.

    But back to this “Fag-Bike” thing…
    I’m Proud of my “FAG BIKE”! I customized that bad boy myself with aerodynamic windscreen, self extinguishing ashtray, flameless digital fag lighter, and even a little 12v pedal powered 6-pack cooler tube so I can enjoy a pint AND a “fag”
    while I’m out cruising through the countryside with a piece of pie pan stuck in my spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle coming down the road. Plus, when I’m on the bike I don’t have to hear the kids or the wife fake coughing or whining about rolling down a window because the smoke is choking them!

  18. Loco-That is a single speed bike. On a “Fixie”, the freewheel is removed and a track sprocket is screwed on. No coasting. Some bikes have wheels that are reversible and have both options.

  19. The wife and I call the suited up ones ‘aliens’. Reminds me of the old joke ‘Confucius say woman who rides bicycle to work, peddles ass around town’.

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