Mexico Cracking Down On America Criminals Entering Mexico

Wait’ll you get a load of this sheet.

Pedestrians going to Tijuana from San Diego at the San Ysidro crossing must choose between a line for Mexicans who get walk through unchecked, and a line for foreigners who must show a passport, fill out a form and – if staying more than a week – pay 322 pesos, or roughly $20, for a six-month permit.

This is about putting our house in order,” said Rodulfo Figueroa, Mexico’s top immigration official in Baja California state, which includes Tijuana.

For Mexico, it is a step toward closing an escape route for American criminals who disappear in Mexico. Border inspectors will tap into international criminal databases.

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  1. Putting their house in order – pffft. Meanwhile, heads are still rolling thanks to their Isis light drug lords. It’ll be interesting to see how hard they push back against Trump – he’ll definitely give them some very tough love. Eat at Mexican restaurants at your own peril.

  2. what would be great is if the next potus deports our entire criminal class that is in prison to the border and have them cross it just before closing the gate on the fence they build.

    how do you like that mexico, turn about is fair play right?

  3. Meanwhile, MS-13 Gang-bangers from Central America show up at the Southern Mexico boarder and what happens?

    “Ah, Senor MS13 Gangbanger, the Estados Unidos is that way! Enjoy your trip through our wonderful country.”

  4. I love irony! This is priceless.

    We really should follow their lead. A great way to help fund the deportation of obama’s illegal alien hoard. Load them up, ship them out.

    I love Dr. Ben Carson’s question asking why we have not used the expertise of our military to get rid of the drug cartel camps IN OUR country. One visit made it very clear to him that we are under INVASION in AZ!

  5. I went to Tijuana once when I was in the Navy and was stationed in San Diego. It was a turd world shithole then and probably worse now. Olongapo City in the Philippines is just as bad but I like Filipinos and trust them far more than I do most Mexicans.

  6. That’s $260,000,000 (dollars) for Mexico after 13 million mexicans are granted amnesty and want to go back to their country because they are now expected to be “out of the shadows” and “pay taxes.”

  7. Pfft. This is old news. I have been going to Mexico yearly since the nineties. They have been charging for tourist cards all along. Each year the fee goes up a little.

  8. Are they cracking down on those anchor babies that have grown up with dual citizenship? You know, the ones that come whenever it is convenient to be delinquents? If so, I’ll help pay Mexico to keep their trash.

  9. An interesting fact I found while reading the Mexican Constitution: Mexico does not consider US born Anchor Babies to be American citizens. They are considered Mexican citizens as long as one parent is Mexican.
    Doesn’t matter where in the world a baby is born to a Mexican they are considered citizens of Mexico.

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