RNC selling server ‘wipes’ to mock Clinton

Oh, chuckle chuckle.
They should have used that money to buy some balls.

hillary server wipes rnc

The Republican National Committee has begun to sell “secret server wiper” clothes mocking Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton over the escalating fallout from her bespoke email system.

More @ The Hill.

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  1. Why would anyone give even one cent to the DAMN RNC?

    No matter what the people want, that group will water board Republicans, with Bush.

    Carl Rove and the RNC are gleeful, sneaky, back stabbing, self-serving, puppet masters, who need to be ignored like the evil they represent; big government.

  2. I donated and checked the box to “securely store my payment information” because I have full faith and trust in others with digital information today, especially in the hands of the government. You should too.

  3. Wowsies !!! That rancid preibus has balls!! He really means business and the RNC is sticking it to them good. They are really socking it to Hillary and that cloth is going to really convince people not to vote for her… it shows the RNC has real guts !

    I’m so impressed with rancid I’m going to buy 5 cloths today. Rancid knows how to win ! Rancid knows how to play by the rules, he’s smart! He will even get giggles from Professor George Will !!

    Pathetic losers…

  4. Don’t have time to repeal ObolaCare, or indict him for treason, but have time for this cutesy bullshit?

    Just Fuck Off, RNC … just fuck off.

  5. HEY RNC under boehner, McConnell and the RINOs

    obamacare is supported and fully funded
    planned parenthood continues to kill babies with US Government Money
    funding PBS
    Corporate welfare (import export bank) remains the same
    There are no border fences and no security
    illegal immigration remains illegal and is fully funded by congress
    The US funds terrorism
    muslim approved immigration from Syria, Libya, Iraq
    Iran Treaty … nuclear weapons
    welfare state grows and grows
    Corruption and nepotism
    higher (excessive) taxes
    excessive spending (pork projects and welfare)
    EPA is regulating beyond their constitutional boundaries
    DOJ is a partisan cesspool
    DHS has grown into an enforcement agency
    IRS is corrupt
    Dept. of State is nothing of the sort
    The dollar doesn’t buy what it used to
    Mountains of government debt
    and that’s just the beginning…………

    Yeah, sell hillary towels, dumbasses.

  6. With a name like Perfect Privacy, who wouldn’t trust a bathroom server?

    $ whois gop.com
    Admin Organization:
    Admin Street: 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West
    Admin City: Jacksonville

  7. The RNC knows they can’t buy balls.
    Balls have a shelf life.
    By time the RNC figures out how to use them, their balls would have passed their expiration date (Election Day 2016).

    Plus they’ll probably buy their balls from the Chinese and Lord knows how the instructions will read.

    This product is making of testosterfoam. Monkey reflexing when flucking during might time, caused by two peoples, that arouse fall off and roll way under coach. Raise safety factor. Used fit for car, convention hall or any place exists in which need to arouse.
    Remove out back tape, and cloarly push it on to the right position. Before sticking balls, complectly clean off wax and dust on sticked surface. Old balls go.
    CAUTIONS:Do not step on balls before stecking.
    Donot steck balls on a steped or curved place as, possible.
    Do not shaving after use of.
    Not good to dog cat.
    No fire.”

  8. Very clever but I’d rather eat dirt then give one cent to the RNC. The entire Republican party has turned their backs on the people who put them back in the majority, they’ve not done one thing they promised in the last election.

  9. “They should have used that money to buy some balls”

    They certainly got plenty of money for their votes on Obamatrade to afford some.

  10. Czar, did you see the image they used (the Hollywood Squares-type)? They have Rubio drinking a glass of water. That was the first one I noticed, then Trump is sitting in a CEO-type chair. Jindal can hardly see over the desk he’s so short. Ted has a flag of Canada on the desk, Santorum is holding something I can’t tell what, just like I can’t see what it is on Carly’s desk.

    I just laughed. Don’t know who did that image, but it was funny.

  11. They should have gone for a twofer and offered the Hillary Drive Wipe along with a Bill Sanitized Wipe in case you touched her husband by accident or that can be used discreetly after shaking his hand.

  12. That’s what I think, too. Anyway, Obama has made it cool among the DC elite to double-down on everything, no matter how foolish or wrong-headed. Trump has figured this out, too, and uses the double-down to great effect. I want to see more of it from the rest of them.

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