RECAP! News and Politics January 2020

As the glorious possibility of President Donald Trump taking the stand inches ever closer, we take a look back at notable events from January 2020:

– General Flynn files to withdraw guilty plea

– James Comey under investigation for illegal leaks

– Democrats join the Pen 15 club

– Trump unveils surprise legal all-star team for impeachment

– Lev Parnas walks back claims about Trump

– Stock market sets record for setting records (again)

– Ilhan Omar under investigation by three federal agencies

– Michael Avenatti arrested in court

*Some naughty language and adult type objects*

4 Comments on RECAP! News and Politics January 2020

  1. To recap, China and Russia are aquiring and building gold stockpiles and wealth while the US is pissing it’s wealth away and doing what every fading empire in world history has done: build huge debts and have the central bank debase its currency to pay for them.

    The US is in the final stage.

    Running up debt and then printing money to pay for it is not how countries get strong. It’s how they go down the shithole.

    Denying it may sound patriotic, but it does not dispute the facts.


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