Record $1B in Counterfeit Goods Seized at Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports – IOTW Report

Record $1B in Counterfeit Goods Seized at Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports

LOS ANGELES—With the holiday shopping season in full swing, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are cautioning consumers about counterfeit products sold by illegitimate sources over the internet and in underground outlets.

On September 15, for the first time in history, the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport seized one billion dollars’ worth of counterfeit products in less than a year. This amount represents the estimated total manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the goods seized, had they been genuine. More at Breaking 911

16 Comments on Record $1B in Counterfeit Goods Seized at Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports

  1. Here is what Me Thinks

    Right now, I believe, the GOODS are destroyed.
    We the People own those confisated GOODS seized in OUR NAME.

    We SAY:
    Those GOODS are OUR BOOTY.
    SHARE and SHARE alike.
    Me Thinks I am OWED something here.
    Me Thinks You should Think So Too

  2. Is this the fake rolex and fake coach shit, again?

    Or those awful Soviet Marlboros they used to sell?

    Those Gauloises are fake, or is the money fake?

    Or is it a fake Montblanc pens?

    Fucking chinks.

  3. “Me Thinks I am OWED something here.”

    Did you earn it? How? You’re owed nothing in this life unless you earn it. So please tell us why your sorry ass is owed anything. I’m guessing you about 25.

  4. Me Thinks®™ a FREE counterfeit Refrigerator sounds like just compensation for Me Money spent capturing said booty.

    Me Thinks they got to move those refrigerators.
    Me Thinks they got to move those fake MTVs
    Me Thinks they got no chickens
    Me Thinks Me wants at least a free micro-wave

  5. counterfit;
    medical equipment & supplies
    auto parts
    airplane parts
    medicines (God forbid we get any counterfit covid vaccines)

  6. Me Thinks Shipping & Handling Fees for a Free Fridge may outweigh its usefullness.

    Me Thinks A Microwave transported utilizing electro-light ways is just right and fair and also stuff usually taste better when hotter.

    What do you think about Me Thinking that?

  7. Long Beach Harbor is a corrupt hellhole and has been for a very long time. Not that it is very different from any other US port … well, any port.

    I remember, many, many years ago, a man proudly bragging about his Customs agent brother who sponsored a local soccer team. Those Customs agents have one impressive compensation package … wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  8. We have a fake president. We have a fake vice president. We have fake elections in 2022. Why not fake everything else?

  9. I no longer trust our government. Of the millions of containers passing through the ports, just exactly how does the government know which container to inspect? Payoffs late, not enough?

  10. Between fake goods from china & china buying/owning a controlling interest in every company that makes everything we use, WTF is the difference?


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