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Flashback to the Debates

Let us not forget the moments this man provided while the deep state finally got theirs on a worldwide stage.

Jeb! – “My mom is the strongest woman I know”

Trump – “She should be running”


Jeb! – “My brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe.”

Trump- “The World Trade Center came down under your brother’s reign. That’s not keeping us safe.”


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  2. come on, barbara bush had to be a dude … just like big mike

  3. Barbara Bush rubbed six or seven thousand off before she settled for Jeb…Dubya excapted the kleenex….

  4. Don’t forget, Laura Bush was a killer behind the wheel.

  5. When you tell the truth, people hate you.

    (I couldn’t watch all of that. Can’t watch “Bush videos” anymore. They make me see RED.)

  6. Make Kari Lake the head of the Justice Department!

  7. That was Good TV back then.

    The series re-boot should be good in 2024.

  8. I don’t want a carrier politician, a good actor or bipartisanship. I want a smart, honest, patriot who cares about normal people. Donald Trump was a great president he may still be the best choice for America but six years of character assassination have had an effect on some people’s view of him and maybe his own judgment. I’ll pull for him and vote for the nominee but I don’t want him to run as an independent. I just don’t think he would stand a chance.

  9. I bet Kasich started talking about his dad being a mail man.

  10. My dad was a male man which is saying something in the day and age.

  11. If there is anyone who almost made the GOP disappear it is the Bushes. All of them.
    Shady family, war mongering garbage.
    Not one of them has done anything good. From preventing Ronald Reagan from being on the ballot, to actively working to help democrats “win” in 2016 and 2020 all because Donald Trump hurt their little feelings, just like Reagan did before him.


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