Record number of humpback whale calves spotted: Another predicted ‘climate change’ disaster that didn’t happen

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American Thinker-

By Thomas Lifson

Many people are happy about this widely-distributed story from the CBC:

There were no humpbacks off southwest B.C. 25 years ago, but now as many as 500 have been identified

A record number of humpback whale calves have been spotted in the Salish Sea off the coast of British Columbia and Washington state this summer and fall, researchers say.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) says 21 calves have been photographed or tallied by watchers and researchers in the Salish Sea this feeding season. That’s almost double the 11 spotted in 2020.

It marks a significant rebound for a species that was endangered just a couple of decades ago.

Nobody is sure exactly why there’s been such a humpback baby boom.
It took my friend Mike Nadler, who sent me this story, all of 30 seconds to spot a sampling of supposedly science-based stories from earlier this very year — one of them two months ago — about the disastrous impact of climate change on humpback whale procreation. more

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  1. The reason there are so many humpback whales is because of climate change. That many humpback whales will disturb the balance of the ecosystem causing great damage to the environment.

  2. A record number of hump back democrats have been recorded in Washington DC, as well.

    The pod, led by Representative Jerry Nadler
    (D-NY) was spotted off shore of the Potomac feeding on krill and and aquatic vegetation.

    The planet is saved. Bless you Jerry Nadler.

    The democrats were spotted in the shallow waters mating and drinking martinis. The species is saved and they appeared to evacuate their blowholes to proper effect.

  3. y’all got it all wrong! the humpbackers have to overcompensate by using cis-gender methods to procreate their species BECAUSE of climactical climate change … & they are so ashamed to admit to going to these extreme male-oriented methods
    you see? it’s all the USA’s fault, somehow … so pay up!

    (it HAS to be true … I heard it from the World Expert Swedish Meatball Climatator, Greta)

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  5. The Ohio River salmon are doing exceptionally well this year. You should see those bastards jumping the COE navigation dams.

  6. Maybe they were enjoying the fish in the warm, West Coast “Blob” for several years and fattened up as they migrated both ways every year, allowing more babies to survive. (The Blob is basically gone now.)

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