National School Board Association Apologizes To Members For Calling Parents Domestic Terrorists

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The National School Boards Association late Friday apologized to its members for a letter it sent to the Biden administration that compared parents protesting local school policies such as COVID-19 mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory to acts of “domestic terrorism.” More

14 Comments on National School Board Association Apologizes To Members For Calling Parents Domestic Terrorists

  1. Any independent thinking person is a terrorist to leftist.
    The leftist position is always bent over taking it then saying thank you sir may I have some more! They don’t think they follow. Good for the parents who speak out against CRT.

  2. The letter shows what they really think of you. The “apology” is simply them trying to cover their ass and do damage control.

  3. Hell, the letter already was read and is being acted upon by the FJB administration. Why bother to apologize now? The intent of the letter made it to the people you really wanted to see it. Fuck You!!!!

  4. Note: The apology is to the members of the Association, not to the parents. They’re worried school boards aren’t going to be part of the organization for risk of their own political future. I hope parents across the land demand if their local school board is part of the NSBA and if they are demand that the withdraw from the entity, starve it of credibility, reach and relevance (not to mention what ever fees it draws from members).

  5. I’ve been saying for a long long time, go to a school board meeting & you’ll be motivated to fix this shitshow
    remember these evil cretins when you get your 2021 school tax, just got mine
    this is now 5 years in a row my prop tax is a fraction of the school tax

  6. I saw something on Twitter today. MSNBC is saying that some expert in tyranny says that the Republicans are well on their way towards making the US a tyrannical nation.

    Uh huh.

  7. “Sorry” don’t feed the bulldog. If you’re really repentant, you (NSBA) will retract the CRT and mask mandate. Otherwise all you’re doing with this “sorry-not-sorry” excuse of a letter is CYA control.

  8. Some underling will be sacrificed on the altar of progressivism so the muckety mucks won’t have to take the fall. Right minded people know what they’re about and no measure of apologizing will help.


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