Redistribution of Smart

The left not only redistributes wealth, they redistribute brains.


… Smart once used to be an unreachable quality. … Intelligence has since been democratized. Smart has been redistributed. … Self-esteem is the new intelligence. Obama’s intelligence was manufactured by pandering to the biases and tastes of his supporters. The more he shared their biases and tastes, the smarter he seemed to be and the smarter they felt by having so much in common with such a smart man.

Obama Inc. built his image around the accessories of modern manufactured intelligence, premature biographies, global reference points and pop culture. This marriage of high and low with an exotic spice from the east embodies modern liberal intelligence.

Intelligence to a modern liberal isn’t depth, it’s appearance. It isn’t even an intellectual quality, but a spiritual quality. Compassionate people who care about others are always “smarter”, no matter how stupid they might be, because they care about the world around them.


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  1. Unfortunately, to a liberal, compassion=self righteous and chest beating. There is no intelligence in telling people how wonderful you are.

  2. I’ve been preaching this very thing to conservative friends and family members for about two years now. This nails it. I was calling it “When are you not really the smartest person in the room syndrome”
    Lamont Hill could be their poster boy.

  3. I forgot to add, these retarded MoFo’s couldn’t pull off the redistribution of intelligence with out the news media laying over like a dead lap dog.

  4. I say never trust someone who says they are smart. I know a lot of smart people, I mean scary smart. If you ask them if they are smart they would say not more then most. That being said all but one are conservative or libertarians. I recently went back to school and ran into many people who assumed they were smart and often said so because they had a college degree. Heck I have a college degree and I went to class roughly 25% of the time and drunk the other 75%. Getting through college is more about doing the work and getting girls to give you their notes. It’s a wonder I am not a liberal.
    I think this is why Obama wants everyone to get a degree so they think they are smart.

  5. Wow! Be sure to read the whole article by Daniel Greenfield!
    It’s brilliant. Many great quotes.

    “Everyone who encountered him (Obama) thought that he was smart because he made them feel smart. And that is the supreme duty of the modern liberal intellectual, not to be smart, but to make others feel smart.
    Genuine intelligence is threatening. Manufactured intelligence is soothing. And those intellectually superior progressives who need to believe that Obama is smart in order to believe that they are smart cannot stop believing in his brains without confronting the illusion of their own intelligence.”

    IOW…it’s the tale of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, that we have been referencing forever.

  6. It would take a plague of Biblical proportions, before Obama was one of the “smartest” among the earth.

    “The Omega Man” comes to mind…

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