Super Thin Skin

Crazy Wendy


If you haven’t heard yet, according to Breitbart, in 1996, Texas State Senator and Abortion cheerleader, Wendy Davis sued the Fort Worth-Star Telegram for being critical of her. Apparently by doing what all newspapers do to all public officials, the paper caused poor Abortion Barbie to suffer damages to her mental health and to her future prospects.

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  1. Dianny, Snark or Cardigan. I don’t know which put the picture together, b ut kudos for correctly identifying Davis asd a BINT, Arabic for little girl, British slang for STUPID girl.

  2. Dianny took the right tack. This child is an embarrassment to all American women in the public sphere or who aspire to it. She’s everything, for real, that the left makes up about Sarah Palin.

  3. maybe she should have been on that special float yesterday with the little boys who still play with their poo poo

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