Redstone Rumored To Be Starting Another Conservative News Channel

Hollywood Reporter

The mogul, who has spoken with former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, may look to rebrand an existing Viacom linear channel to create a conservative-leaning news network.

In the midst of closing a merger between CBS and Viacom, Shari Redstone is quietly exploring a plan to launch a conservative TV outlet meant to square off with the Fox News Channel, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

This Redstone plan for a new TV service also would have a streaming component. THR has learned that Pluto, which Viacom acquired in March for $340 million, is about to launch an as-yet-unannounced streaming conservative news and opinion channel. A source says the idea for that network was in the works before the Pluto acquisition.

Redstone has approached current and former Fox News personalities about such a plan, sources say, and she has spoken with former NBC News host Megyn Kelly. A rep for Kelly declined to comment. More

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  1. Redstone knows where the money is. But Meagan McCain Kelly?

    Not a good start.

    Eliajh Cummings is still seriously dead. Pray for pelosi’s mental health – though even God might find her too far gone, and too corrupt anyway for the Promised Land.

  2. @Cliche, Breaking News: Elijah Cummings, 68, has died.
    Not really breaking anymore.
    It’s OK,,, I just love hearing it,,,
    Hopefully Sumner Murray Rothstein joins in the ‘always comes three’ lottery.

  3. Mark Taylor prophecy. . . . (The USA Today paper is dropping its print edition!)….The Spirit of God says, “The news media, the news media, you have become a stench unto my nostrils, there is no spirit of truth in you. I the Lord God will clean out the news media and bring back truth. The sign will be given when news outlets will go
    down, bankrupt, and I the Lord God will rebuild them using my righteous people to restore them. I am calling on my Army, those who are chosen to be journalists, investors, to get ready to take your place as I tear down and rebuild my news media.”

  4. Re Elijah Cummings: I’m hoping for more thunderbolts from Mt. Olympus directed toward the House of Reps. The Gods appear more effective than bureaucrats.

  5. @Mojo56 October 17, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    > Talking to Megyn Kelly doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that this will be a ‘conservative’ news outlet.

    As conservative as conservative can be.

  6. Whatever. Looks to me like the MSM is trying to dilute and co-opt the conservative message. It won’t surprise me when this turns out to be a nevertrump venture, and Erick Erickson’s fat face is on the screen every day. CNN is probably telling him, “Go to Bulwark TV, Erick. You’ll do more good for our cause there.”

  7. Me-Again Kelly is not a conservative……

    She’s a “mouth” for hire…..

    You pay her well…..she’ll do what you want.

  8. She already has a news outlet. It’s called CBS. If she wanted she could use that as a basis for an all news channel as she denied she was going to open a new news channel a couple of days ago in the NY Post.


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