Religion of Peace Strikes Again

May 13 (UPI) A family of suicide bombers attacked Christian churches in Muslim-majority Indonesia, killing seven worshipers and security personnel and injuring dozens more.

All six family members died in the bombings, including two children ages 9 and 12, police said.

The Islamic State, through its media outlet, claimed responsibility for the attacks in Surabaya, a port city on the east coast of Java Island. The Amaq News Agency described them as “martyrdom attacks” but did not provide any proof to substantiate the claim.

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian said the attacks came from one familythat had spent time in Syria in support of the Islamic State.

Hospitalized with injuries were 41 people — including two police officers, police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera said in a CNN report.

The attacks came as parishioners were heading into the churches for services.

The first attack was at 7:30 a.m. at the Santa Maria Catholic Church. Police said two sons, 18 and 16, detonated a bomb after driving a motorcycle onto the grounds.

Around the same time, the family’s mother and two daughters, ages 9 and 12, detonated one or more bombs — believed wrapped around their waists — at the entrance to GKI Diponegoro

Minutes later, police believe the father detonated a bomb at the Pentecost Central Church.

Police closed off all three locations during the investigation and President Joko Widodo called the attacks “barbaric” and said he would “uproot the cells entirely.”


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  1. ALL Islamic turds should be open game and subject to the will of those that prefer peace and tranquility as opposed to the natural hate of islam.

  2. Obummer gave and promised Billions to furnish freaks with this same retarded mindset with Nuke’s. Oh he loved America, he loved the free Cash all around
    and the opportunity to Destroy us.

  3. The family who …

    Wow, what an excellent example of the values and family activities endorsed by the religion of peace. It is compatible with Christianity NOT!

  4. Can Islam be reformed? If not, it must be eliminated because it’s either western society or caliphate.


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